Spoilsport Lawyers To Make Twitter Unmask The Wetherspoons Two

The high court has given Twitter until mid-January to reveal who's behind two Wetherspoons parody accounts, after people lacking in critical thinking skills believed they were real. Read More >>

Facebook And ZeniMax Media Finally Bury The Hatchet Over Oculus ‘Theft’

The epic battle between Facebook and ZeniMax Media is finally at an end, it looks like. Read More >>

The No-Hire Emails That Incriminate Apple, Google, Adobe and More

A court filing has just been made public which sheds light on the "no-hire" gentleman's agreements that have pervaded the tech industry — and reveals how Steve Jobs threatened litigation to prevent companies from stealing his staff. Read More >>

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A Simple Explanation of Why Software Patents Suck

Here's a great little introduction to the murky world of patents, litigation and technology. It might be a little oversimplified in parts, but it serves as a great reminder as to why patenting software isn't necessarily a great idea. [YouTube via TechDirt] Read More >>