The Guy Who Broadcast the Birth of His Child on Facebook Live Didn’t Know It Was Public

Facebook Live has given us many things: an exploding watermelon, a failed presidential interview, the joy of Martha Stewart, bike murder. On Monday, it also gave us the gift of life, when Kali Kanongata’a of Carmichael, California used it to broadcast the birth of his child. Read More >>

How to Live Stream the LG G4 Launch Event

Tonight is the night LG fans have all been waiting for, it's the night that the G4 smartphone is going to be officially revealed to the world for the first time. Yes we've all seen the leaks and the rumours, but it's not quite the same as hearing everything from LG itself. Read More >>

What is Meerkat, and Should You Even Bother?

Meerkat is a carnivorous mongoose native to Africa, but if you've been within ten metres of a Twitter account the last two weeks, this little guy's name has been appropriated for something else entirely: a new iOS app, hard lined straight into Twitter, that brings live streaming to the social network. So what exactly is it, and why all the buzz? Read More >>

Now You Can Livestream on YouTube Without Being a Queen Bee

The internet is a constant popularity contest, and everyone is trying to collect followers, friends, shares, likes, hearts, views, +1s etc. You know the soul-crushing drill. But YouTube wants to change the conversation. They've lowered the bar so you only need 100 or more subscribers to be able to livestream. Read More >>

Watch the Samsung Galaxy S4 Event Right Here

Want to watch the Samsung Galaxy S4 event live, but can't pony up for a plane ticket? Well, you're in luck, because we've got a live stream of the event right here. Set the corn to pop, kick back, and don't forget to join in our drinking game if it all gets too much for your smartphone-addled brain. 11PM (which is when it all kicks off, dummy) can't get here soon enough. Read More >>

How to Be a Citizen Journalist Without Getting Killed

There's some serious shit going down over in the US as part of the Occupy Oakland protests. Even though there were no official media on the scene, the police's tear gas avalanche was captured and distributed by citizen journalists who were among those being assailed, for the whole world to see. Read More >>