Adobe’s Adding a Livestreaming Function to Its Creative Cloud Apps

Instead of using third-party platforms like Youtube and Twitch, artists will soon be able to livestream their process directly through whatever Adobe Creative Cloud app they’re working in according to a Verge report. Read More >>

Some Twitch Users Are Getting Angry About So-Called ‘Booby Streamers’

For years, has been the web’s go-to for gaming live streams, crowd-sourced experiments like Pokémon playthroughs and commenter-controlled investment portfolios, and other bits of acceptably time-killing content. Unfortunately, this droll peace is being threatened by the internet equivalent of the dumb controversy surrounding desnudas in Times Square. Read More >>

The BBC is Going to Stream Another 1,000 Hours of Live Sport Each Year

There is a lot of live sport going on in the world. Countless sports, with even more teams, all competing together for whatever coveted title is at the top of their respective league tables. There's so much that a lot of it doesn't get the chance to be broadcast, though the BBC's pledge to stream a further 1,000 hours of live sport every year means there'll be more on offer than ever before. Read More >>

Facebook Blames Removal of Fatal Philando Castile Shooting Video on a ‘Technical Glitch’

On Wednesday, Philando Castile, a 32-year-old Minnesota man, was shot by police during a traffic stop. The aftermath of the fatal shooting was captured live on video and posted to Facebook by a woman identified as Castile’s girlfriend. Soon after it went viral, the footage, which depicts Castile, slumped over in his seat and covered in blood, as well as the woman’s four-year-old daughter, disappeared. After about an hour — and complaints from various people on and off of the platform — Facebook restored the footage and blamed it on a “technical glitch”. Read More >>

China Bans Videos of People Eating Bananas

Well, fuck. China has reportedly banned people from seductively eating bananas on film. I am devastated. Read More >>

Now You Can Livestream on YouTube Without Being a Queen Bee

The internet is a constant popularity contest, and everyone is trying to collect followers, friends, shares, likes, hearts, views, +1s etc. You know the soul-crushing drill. But YouTube wants to change the conversation. They've lowered the bar so you only need 100 or more subscribers to be able to livestream. Read More >>

Mad Men Denied
Sky Apologises For Mad Men Sky Go Blunder

It seems legions of people were up in arms over an apparent lack of the brand new series Mad Men on Sky Go. Eager cord-cutters and Sky-subscription sharers alike were queued up last night to watch the live stream of the premier of latest season of Mad Men, only to be greeted with an error basically saying "not available". Anger ensued. Read More >>