Everything We Know So Far About Nokia’s Android Phone, Normandy / Nokia X

Leak after leak after leak out of Nokia's labs recently all-but confirms one thing -- the Finnish smartphone manufacturer is dabbling in the dark arts of Android, its Windows Phone interests (and close relationship with Microsoft) be-damned. With fresh rumours circulating this morning, we felt it was high-time to pull together everything we know on Nokia's latest experiment. Read More >>

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Microsoft Pranked People with a Live Floor Tile That Knocked Down a Wall in the Middle of a City

One of the coolest things about Windows 8 are the Live Tiles, which are like the beautiful love children of widgets and icons. Microsoft thinks so too, so they created a hilarious prank that involved a light up floor tile (think Michael Jackson's Billie Jean) and a collapsing wall. Read More >>

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What If iOS Had Windows Phone 8-Style Live Tiles?

Apple's sat on its laurals for ages with the iPhone. Hell, iOS has barely changed since it was first launched. But what if Apple 'pulled a Microsoft' and spat out something akin to Live Tiles for the iPhone's home screen. It'd probably look awesome like this. Read More >>