Mystery of the Flickering Red Lights in the White House Grips the Internet

Internet-fuelled conspiracy theories have plagued US politics over the last year and made voters on both sides of the aisle appear to be reactionary maniacs. But conspiracy theories can also be fun. And the entirely benign saga of red lights flashing in the windows of the second-floor residence of the White House is about as fun as these things get. Read More >>

Google Will Tell You When to Stay at Home to Avoid the Black Friday Crowds

Google is attempting to advise shoppers where might be best to avoid if you don't want to get flattened by an obese 15-year-old running faster than he's ever run before with a PS4 Pro beneath one flabby arm and a Wi-Fi range extender under the other, as it's testing a system that tries to warn people when their intended shopping destinations are packed to bursting. Read More >>

China’s Launching Its Longest Manned Space Mission Tonight and You Can Stream It Here

Today, China is set to launch its longest manned spacecraft mission at 23:30 GMT from the Gobi Desert and you can watch it live right here. Read More >>

How to Sigh and Tut Your Way Through Apple’s Live iPhone 7 Reveal Tonight

The internet will be literally unbearable for large portions of this evening and well into tomorrow morning, because Apple's doing that thing it does once a year when it confirms all the things that Chinese factory workers have been telling us for the last eight months. There's a new iPhone. It will be the same and better. Read More >>

BBC Adds Subtitles to Live iPlayer Streams

The BBC has started testing the embedding of subtitles to live programmes streaming through iPlayer, helping the 20 per cent of viewers who use the subtitling options to enjoy stuff as it happens rather than making them wait for the individual episode links to appear. Read More >>

Facebook Pumps £34m Into Celebs’ Pockets to Push Live Streaming

Facebook is said to have earmarked a $50m (£34m) lump of cash to throw at the celebrity and entertainment content generators of the world, designed to get news organisations and a handful of the most shareable celebs to create live streaming events specifically for the massive social network. Read More >>

Music Tourists, Coming Over Here and Listening to Bands, Help Add £3.7bn to the Economy

A report into the outdoors-going music habits of the nation has revealed that an incredible 27.7 million people attended live music of some sort in the UK last year, an increase on the previous year's numbers partly fuelled by a 16 per cent rise in overseas music tourists coming here to listen to bands in our clubs, pubs and stadiums. Read More >>

What is YouTube Gaming, the Latest Twitch Rival?

YouTube wants in on the fact that video games are now more mainstream and commonly accepted as a thing normal people do than ever, with its YouTube Gaming portal set to launch today to gather players together in front of one unskippable pre-roll advert happy new live-streaming community. Read More >>

EE TV Updates With Companion Screen, Social Sharing and Mobile Stream Grabbing

EE TV, the on-demand, catch-up, streaming, smartphone, tablet and actual live TV TV system is getting a large update later this month, one, inevitably, themed around enhanced personalisation options that line up potential shows for all of the device's separate users. Read More >>

Kids Get News from Facebook Says Survey of the Obvious World of UK TV

Communications regulator Ofcom has put together a lengthy report into how our public service broadcasters -- BBC, ITV, STV, UTV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and S4C -- are doing in the digital age, now we all watch TV using only our peripheral vision while staring at something more interesting about someone's cat that's happening on our telephones. Read More >>

virtual reality
Watch the Oculus Rift Livestream Right Here at 6PM GMT

In just under half an hour, Oculus will reveal the long-awaited final consumer version of its amazing Rift virtual reality headset, and you can follow along right here with the official live feed. Read More >>

Madonna Having Another go at Getting Meerkat to Work Tonight

If you tried to see how Madonna was utilising Meerkat to debut her new video last night, chances are you just saw a useless 500 error page. That's because it didn't work and Meerkat exploded, which was quite embarrassing for all parties involved in the supposed live launch of Her Madgesty's new video. Now everyone's having another go today. Read More >>

Live Tweets May Return to Google Search Results This Year

Tweets may soon start to reappear, live and as they happen, in Google's search results, thanks to a deal between the two tech giants. Live access to Twitter's "firehose" of messages ought to be handed back to Google some time before the middle of the year, with engineers already working on incorporating tweets into Google's results pages. [Bloomberg] Read More >>

Radio 1 is Still Going, and Now on iPlayer

The BBC's music coverage has expanded in a new direction today, with the corporation adding a dedicated iPlayer channel for Radio 1 to its online TV listings. Live track information, catch-up coverage of sessions and endless photos of Fearne Cotton await the youths being targeted. [BBC via Engadget] Read More >>

NOW TV Movies and Entertainment Bundles Launch Through Apple TV

Two media giants have bumped corporate fists today, with Sky and Apple conspiring to bring more Now TV streaming subscriptions to Apple TV. The movies and entertainment packages are now available via monthly passes, joining the sports bundle that's been available since late last year. [NOW TV] Read More >>