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Mixing Chatroulette with Tinder is the Horrifying Future of Online Dating

Dating platforms in China are starting to experiment with livestream chatting features, and we need to accept that it’s only a matter of time before U.S. apps start making you face-time with potential hookups. Read More >>

Someone at Moonpig is Livestreaming Puppies

Some lucky sod at Moonpig HQ is spending their day sitting on the floor playing with adorable puppies, and livestreaming it for the joy of the internet. Read More >>

How to Watch Day 2 of Mark Zuckerberg’s Capitol Hill Apology Tour on YouTube or Facebook

Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg answered questions at the US Senate for over five hours about Facebook’s role in protecting user privacy. Today he faces the US House and if you’re looking for a livestream, we’ve got you covered. Read More >>

CES 2018: DJI’s Refreshed Smartphone Video Gimbal Is Now Way Cheaper and Whole Lot Better

Videos shot on smartphones have a very specific, very low-rent aesthetic. A whole host of stabilisers are available on the market that try to improve that aesthetic—eradicating the shaky cam look so you can actually see whatever the smartphone’s camera is looking at. DJI even has one! The original Osmo Mobile was a pricey handheld stabiliser with some good ideas and a whole lot of big flaws. The Osmo Mobile 2, announced today, looks like it improves on almost every point of contention, and even better, DJI has slashed the price. This thing costs just $130 (~£96). Read More >>

Let’s All Be Charmed By This Chinese Man Who Makes a Living Live-Streaming Farming

So much of our extremely online lives now revolves around things like the president of the United States threatening to either nuke North Korea or show them his genitals (not sure which!) or worrying about massive security breaches. But hey, some of it also rules. Read More >>

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Two African Penguins Are About to Hatch and You Can Watch Live

You might think that Gizmodo isn’t typically a cute animal blog. But there are currently a pair of penguin eggs at the National Aviary in the US that are about to hatch, under the watchful eyes of adorable penguin parents Sidney and Bette. And you can watch it live. Read More >>

How to Livestream Apple’s WWDC 2017 Keynote, Which You Still Cannot Do in Google Chrome For Some Weird Reason

We’ve already taken a close look at what you can expect from WWDC, and now it’s time too see what Tim Cook and his band of marauders actually announce. Read More >>

Samsung’s Note 7 Explanation Will Be Livestreamed At Prime Time

Like the season finale of a TV drama, the final installation of the Galaxy Note 7 saga will be livestreamed in a prime time slot on Friday night. Airing at 8pm Eastern Time (that's 1am in the UK, 10am in Seoul) on Sunday 22nd January, the conclusion to Samsung's extensive investigation into its own failings will be transmitted in English at [SPOILER: The reason for the exploding phones is expected to be the battery.] Read More >>

Why the Hell Did It Take So Long for YouTube to Do Live Streaming for Mobile?

On Thursday, YouTube announced the launch mobile live streaming capabilities for select users, a service that will compete with Periscope and Facebook Live. Read More >>

Three Teens Reportedly Livestreamed Themselves Having Sex on Facebook

Milwaukee police have issued Facebook with a search warrant after three teenagers reportedly live-streamed themselves having sex on the social network. The teens reportedly skipped school to conduct the live-stream, which some classmates watched from their phones during sex education lessons. Read More >>

Teen Dies by Suicide While Livestreaming on Periscope

A 19-year-old woman in Arpajon, France threw herself in front of a commuter train and died yesterday while livestreaming on Periscope. Officials in France are now investigating the incident. Read More >>

YouTube Co-Founder Launches Questionable Cooking Livestream Service

Nom is the new pet project of YouTube co-founder Steve Chen. People are calling it the Twitch for internet chefs. The only problem? Filming a chef is a lot harder than filming a video game. Read More >>

You Can Now Livestream Your GoPro Stunts Directly to Periscope 

DIY broadcasters of Periscope, rejoice! You are no longer limited to the crappy, low-resolution, front-facing camera on your phone. Following an update to the Periscope app today, you can now use a wide-angled, high-resolution GoPro Hero camera to broadcast live to the world. Read More >>

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Watch the Oculus Rift Livestream Right Here at 6PM GMT

In just under half an hour, Oculus will reveal the long-awaited final consumer version of its amazing Rift virtual reality headset, and you can follow along right here with the official live feed. Read More >>

You Can Now Livestream from a GoPro Using Your iPhone

GoPros make getting action footage amazingly easy and now, thanks to a new partnership with Livestream, you'll be able to show everyone online your eXXXtreme skillz in real time. Read More >>