“Cybercrime Strike Week” Leads to 57 UK Arrests

As the world becomes ever-more aware of hacking and online threats, police forces are becoming increasingly showy when it comes to cracking down on the perpetrators in an effort to deter would-be hackers. Read More >>

It Looks Like Lizard Squad Hacked Lenovo

If you happened to visit last night you might've seen a random teen with an amazing haircut, wearing a headset and posing for a webcam. This was no accident. It looks like the Lizard Squad hacked in and took over the homepage. It's a pretty funny hack, honestly. Read More >>

Facebook: Hackers Didn’t Take Facebook Down, We Did

If, like us, you awoke groggily looking at a spiralling, non-updating Facebook on your phone and wondered if your internet was on the blink, you'll have by now realised that there was temporary trouble at Zuckerberg's data mill. Read More >>

Lizard Squad Hacks Malaysia Airlines to Make a Crap 404 Joke

Improvisational global hacking collective Lizard Squad has another hack to its name now, after taking down the website of Malaysia Airlines. Read More >>

Hackers Who Shut Down PSN and Xbox Live are Now Attacking Tor 

Uh oh. Lizard Patrol, the hacking group claiming responsibility for the Christmas attacks on PlayStation and Xbox Live, has announced a new target: Tor, the anonymous internet service. Read More >>

Hackers Claim Triumph in Bringing Down Sony’s PlayStation Store

Sony's online game shop is currently offline, returning an error message when viewed in a browser and not letting its players play. This is down to the mighty Lizard Squad, apparently, with the internet terror group claiming responsibility. Read More >>