Lizards With Toxic Green Blood Are Super Freaky

Lurking quietly in the deep dark jungles of New Guinea are a group of lizards who share a rather striking feature: green blood. It’s a rare trait for vertebrates to have, but new insights into this strange blood could lead to innovative medical treatments. Read More >>

Freaky Ancient Lizard Had Four ‘Eyes’

An ancient species of monitor lizard that went extinct some 34 million years ago had four eyes, according to new research. It’s the first time that scientists have ever seen such a thing in a jawed terrestrial animal—an observation that’s filling a gap in our understanding of how these features evolved. Read More >>

Scientists Are Using 3D Animation to Study Lizard Behaviour

Pixar's next wildlife-themed buddy adventure could be more realistic than ever. As long as it is about a lizard claiming territory, at least. Read More >>

This Freaky Gecko Detaches Its Giant Scales to Escape Predators

Many lizards are capable of detaching their tails when a predator strikes, but one group of geckos has evolved a particularly gruesome escape strategy: unusually large scales that tear off when a predator tries to take hold, allowing the tiny animals to break free. Read More >>

Global Warming is a Major Threat to Our Overlords, the Lizards

Who runs the world? Why lizards, of course. But their reign might be coming to an end, thanks to global warming. Read More >>

How Lizard Tails Could Help Scientists Study Human Limb Regeneration

Prosthetic technology is getting insanely good. But what if we just didn't need it any more? What if we could simply program our genes to regrow human limbs as easily as lizards regrow lost tails? Well, scientists are getting closer to that fantastic future. Read More >>

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The Most Dangerous Meme: Making Your Pet Play with Your Phone

Screw ghost riding the whip, forget flash mobs. There's a new internet craze threatening our children: taunting lizards and amphibians with fake food on your smartphone. Sure it's cute when they're crushing virtual insects but it's not so cute when they attack your finger. Read More >>