US Telecoms Companies Know Too Much About Users’ Lives

Last week, the New York Times published a galvanising analysis of the location histories of 12 million mobile phones, a stockpile provided to them by sources inside an unnamed location data company that harvests data from mobile apps. This shit is real, man, and we’ve long known that telecoms have been selling our location data to middlemen who can sell it to bounty hunters, and they haven’t answered for that, and their friends in high places don’t hold them accountable. Read More >>

Apps You Use Every Day Are Tracking Your Every Move, According to Very Creepy Report

While you probably already know enabling location services for third-party apps might compromise your privacy, an investigative New York Times report details just how creepy and personal smartphone location data can be. Read More >>

Oh Great, the NSA’s Using Mobile Phones to Track Your Every Move, Too

According to documents leaked by Edward Snowden, the NSA is collecting 5 billion records a day on mobile phone locations around the world. Some of those are from "incidentally" domestic, civilian mobile phones. Read More >>