Your GPS Probably Overestimates Distance

Ever thought your GPS system said you’d gone further than you expected? A new study dives into the statistics behind the satellite-based positioning service—and finds that overestimates in distance are inevitable based on the way measurements are currently made. Read More >>

New Geo-Inference Attack Uses Browser Cache to Identify Your Location

Who knows where you are? According to a team of researchers from the National University of Singapore many websites could—using what they call a “geo-inference attack” to identify your location Read More >>

Ground-Based GPS Rival From WWII Comes Back Into Use

A backup form of local, ground-based GPS known as eLoran is being installed in some spots around the UK, hoping to keep some sort of shipping business continuing as usual should the satellite GPS systems get taken out by solar flares or North Korean laser satellites. Read More >>

Your Android May be Broadcasting Your Location (and How to Stop It)

Do you own an Android device? Is it less than three years old? If so, then when your phone's screen is off and it's not connected to a Wi-Fi network, there's a high risk that it is broadcasting your location history to anyone within Wi-Fi range that wants to listen. Read More >>

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From 1914 to 2014, What 100 Years of Difference Looks Like

Some things change, some things stay shockingly the same. It's funny how a hundred years can be such a long time in some places but be just like yesterday in others. This "time lapse" shows how much (and how little) the world of Antwerp has changed from the beginnings of the First World War until now. Read More >>

Location-Aware Wi-Fi Could Turn Your Phone Into a Beacon of Helpful Functions

Potential buzzkill alert: you're at a concert, and your section runs out of beer. But magically, your phone gets a message that says you should head one section over where there's plenty of Buds to be had. Thanks to a developing Wi-Fi tech that knows exactly where you're sitting, that might soon be a reality. Read More >>

Google Adding Smartphone Location Data to its Advert-Selling Schemes

According to reports from companies selling adverts through Google, the search giant is beta-testing a system that combines location data pulled from smartphones with internet searches, in an attempt to prove that adverts really can drive people to visit shops and consume products. Read More >>

PayPal Beacon is Your Always-On Money Handing Out Tool

PayPal's stuck another clever little location-aware payment option into its smartphone app, with the Beacon tool letting users pay for items without even having to sigh and pull a mobile out of a pocket. Read More >>

PayPal’s Face-Cheque Payment System Now Live in the UK

A small test of PayPal's facial recognition payment system is now live over here, with users able to pay for purchases via a phone app that matches their face with a photo beamed to the shop's cashier. Read More >>

Shave Minutes Off Your Supermarket Checkout Times With PayPal Check-In

PayPal's location-based payment system is set to launch in the UK this summer, letting those not angrily boycotting the company pay for their stuff without need for cash, cards, chips, PINs, NFC or even a cheque. It'll just work. Read More >>

Defence Specialist Builds Terrifying Automated Web Stalker and Data Harvester

You know full well that all the innocent crap you spam out to social networks can be used to pinpoint you, highlight your friends and track your favourite places, building up a perfect record of your little life. Defence specialist Raytheon is automating this data harvesting process with a view to patenting a comprehensive tracking tool. Read More >>

Help Solve Low-Level Local Crime With Manchester Police’s iOS App

Greater Manchester Police has launched an iOS app, which uses location-based services to fill users in on local events, missing people bulletins and even features the unsettling option of browsing any wanted appeals in your surrounding area. Read More >>

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Can You Recognise a City By Its Foursquare Check-Ins?

If you plotted out all the check-ins made on Foursquare, you should be able to get a pretty good handle on the geographic layout of a city. It's like modern day map making or check-in cartography. So do you think you can recognise a city just by its Foursquare check-ins? Read More >>