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Police Had to Destroy a ‘Suspicious Package’ Outside North Korea’s London Embassy

Last night was a bit exciting in Ealing, but not in a good way. Police were called after a suspicious package was spotted outside of the North Korean embassy, which ended up with a controlled explosion being carried out. Read More >>

Campaigners Want to Save South London Fences Made From WW2 Stretchers

If you were to walk past the fences in the top picture, you probably wouldn't give them a second thought. They very similar to fences found up and down the country, but they're actually have a a fascinating history. Those fences were made from the stretchers used during to carry injured civilians during the London Blitz. Read More >>

London’s Garden Bridge is Dead

In news that will make our Editor want to throw a big lavish party, it's been announced that the controversial London Garden Bridge is dead. Read More >>

One Leg of This Year’s Tour of Britain is Going to Start in a Town That Has Banned Cyclists

Regardless of whether you curse cyclists on a daily basis, a lycra-wearing red-light skipping two wheeled menace, or just someone who prefers to travel in something other than a car, you have to admit this story is pretty funny. The fourth day of this year's Tour of Britain is set to begin in central Mansfield - a town that ordinarily bans cyclists from its streets. Read More >>

Big Ben is Taking a Four Year Nap

It's no secret that Parliament is in dire need of serious renovation, and it turns out that getting everything fixed is going to affect more than just the working location of a few out of touch MPs. It's been announced that Big Ben will be taking a four year rest, with the last bong taking place next Monday at noon. Read More >>

Sadiq Khan Announces New Plans to Boost Connectivity Across London

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced a number of new measures to help boost digital connectivity in London, including dealing with areas of poor connectivity (known as 'not-spots') and the appointment of a dedicated Not-Spot troubleshooting team. Read More >>

There are Plans for a £3.2 Billion ‘UK Disneyland’

Disneyland is like the gold standard of theme parks, and is especially popular amongst the wee children of the world. The nearest one to us is in Paris, and someone seems to have asked why the French should get all the tourism money because there are plans to build something similar in Kent. Read More >>

Research Claims London is the Least Neighbourly Place in the UK, Surprising Nobody

If you're in the North of England, and you say hello to someone in a shop they'll usually say hello back. In London you'll get stared at, like you've wandered into their house uninvited, pulled up a chair at the dinner table and asked for a plate. So it should be no surprise that London has just been named least neighbourly place in the UK. Read More >>

For Some Reason Mobike is Bringing Yet Another Bike Rental Scheme Coming To London

One might argue that London has enough bikes already, especially those of a rental variety. But Mobike has nonetheless decided to join the fray and will offer hyper-localised bike rentals in Ealing, focusing on Acton. It may, of course, expand to the rest of the capital if demand is significant. The company has already launched in Manchester. Read More >>

Your Chance To Ride The Secret Undergound Mail Rail Has Just Arrived

An underground railway used from transporting mail from Paddington to Whitechapel for 75 years is to become a tourist attraction that people can ride from September. Part of the larger Postal Museum, Mail Rail will allow people to have a ride on a portion of the 6.5 mile track which operated until 2003. Read More >>

Some Dick Destroyed Norway’s Beloved Troll Penis Rock

Norwegian citizens are about to go Liam Neeson in Taken on the shameless vandal who desecrated one of their most beloved natural monuments—a troll dick. Well, it’s a rock that looks like a dick. But it’s supposed to be a troll dick, specifically. Read More >>

Sadiq Khan Wants London to Have an Emission-Free Transport System by 2050

It's certainly no secret that the air quality in London is horrific, especially during hot weather like this. Now, in an attempt to make the capital a bit more environmentally friendly (and better for the population), London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced a brand new plan to make all of the city's transport system emission free by the year 2050. Read More >>

A 118-Year-Old Painting Found In Antarctica’s First Building

The New Zealand Antarctic Trust has revealed that it has been sitting on (not literally) a painting by Dr Edward Wilson. The watercolour was discovered in an Antarctic hut and is currently being restored by the Trust. Usually a watercolour would have faded significantly over this period, but being kept in freezing temperatures and in pitch blackness have preserved it perfectly. Read More >>

London Is Great And So Are Its Museums

So far 2017 has shown that London has an unbreakable spirit and is full of people who will do anything to help others. Even in its darkest hours there's overwhelming love in this city. And there's that bloke who wouldn't leave his pint behind in the wake of a terror attack (but with London prices you can hardly blame him). And it seems it's not just the people making London great, but also the culture. Read More >>

Everest Now Has Wi-Fi, So You Can Truly Netflix And Chill

Not having internet connectivity is the epitome of first-world problems and I'm sure there's someone, somewhere that expects to have Netflix on demand in as remote and dangerous a place as the heights of Mt Everest. Well, thanks to Everest Link CEO Tsering G Sherpa, you can now catch the latest episode of Game of Thrones while making your way to the Hillary Step. Read More >>