People Love Gawping at London’s Fatberg so Much it Could Become a Permanent Museum Exhibit

You know what's more disgusting than finding out there's a giant blob of fat and baby wipes blocking London's sewers? Putting it in a museum and letting people come and look at it. Also removing it in the first place, but those people hopefully get paid a lot of money to do that kind of job. The record-breaking fatberg that was discovered last September was promptly put in the Museum of London, and it's turned out to be so popular that the decision makers are considering making it a permanent exhibit. Read More >>

Which City Hates London the Most? Spoiler, it’s Newcastle

The concept of 'London' is a bit contentious in some parts of the country. It's big, important, and incredibly expensive for visitors and residents alike. So to find out just how the people of the UK feel about London existing, YouGov poll to see how different regions of the country felt. As it turns out, the further you get from London the less impressed people are - especially around Newcastle. Read More >>

London’s Oxford Street Will Remain Overcrowded, Overpolluted, and Full of Taxis

Last November plans were announced that would see London's Oxford Street get pedestrianised, removing all wheeled objects from the vicinity (except wheelchairs and the like, obviously). The plans would have happened in three stages, starting this year, with the entire road vehicle free by 2020. Unfortunately those plans have now been cancelled by Westminster Council. Read More >>

Planet Hollywood’s London Prices are Taking a Trip Back in Time Today

Planet Hollywood has been around for a long time, and even though it never had the same kind of reputation as the likes of the Hard Rock Cafe it's still out there doing its thing - letting people at and drink while surrounded by film props and memorabilia. The London branch is still going strong after 25 years of business, and to celebrate that fact all the prices are taking a trip back in time to 1993. But only today. Read More >>

Council Leaves Bell End Alone

It looks like the people who live on Bell End will have to put up with passers-by taking gurning photos beside the road sign for the foreseeable future, as the council has confirmed there's been a definite win in the public battle to change the road name -- and Bell End has won out. Read More >>

Thorpe Park’s Walking Dead-Themed Year Needs Zombies, Auditions to be Held on Top of a Rollercoaster

Despite the fact I stopped watching The Walking Dead  four years ago, the series trundles on. Proving that nobody actually cares about my opinion when it comes to American TV. It's such a big deal that even Thorpe Park is tying in with the show, with a series of zombie-themed events throughout 2018. Read More >>

Is the Angel of the North a Restaurant or Cheryl Tweedy’s Nickname?

A wide-ranging survey looking at what we do and don't know about where we live has revealed a number of really quite stupid things, including confusion over what the Angel of the North actually is and whether or not Land's End is a real place or a setting in Game of Thrones. Read More >>

Bell End Residents Start Campaign to Change Their Street’s Rude Name

There are plenty of rude-sounding street names around the UK, like Bush Lane, Butt Hill Road, Cockermouth, Minge Lane, and an entire London suburb called Cockfosters. Those are all real by the way, as is Bell End in Sandwell. While we might drive past and snigger at the fact the street shares its name with part of the male genitalia, the residents have had enough and want the name changed. Read More >>

The Olympic Park Slide Will Accept Chocolate Coins for One Hour Only Next Week

There are lots of thing you can do with a bag of chocolate coins. Eat them, obviously, pretend to be Scrooge McDuck, or use them for a ride on the Olympic Park's giant slide. Wait, what? Read More >>

Part of the Overground is Joining London’s Nighttime Transport Service

You live in London? Great. Are you visiting London for some nights on the town? Cool, pay attention. The rest of you can turn around and go back to whatever it was you were doing, because the fact part of London's Overground service will now running at night doesn't really affect you lot. Read More >>

V&A Museum Buys Massively Ugly Brutalist Housing Estate

When you think about architecture that needs to be preserved, blocks of concrete council flats built in the 1970s might not be the first thing to come to mind. Well one section of Robin Hood Gardens, in Poplar, East London, has just been purchased by the V&A Museum. Read More >>

An Inside Look at Legoland Windsor’s Model-Making Division

Everyone here knows about Lego, and knows just how much it can do. Whether you want to build a small house with a few dozen pieces, or an actual house with a few million, there's a lot you can do. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the Legoland theme parks. As you'd hope, almost everything in the park is Lego-themed, and with that theme comes a whole host of models and statues built almost entirely out of actual Lego pieces. Read More >>

The Coca-Cola Truck Could be Banned From Liverpool for ‘Encouraging Obesity’

It's no secret that Coke, or any number of alternate soft drinks, are incredibly bad for you. Mainly because they're full of sugar, and also because the health people say you should be drinking water instead. With Christmas coming up we're going to start seeing a lot of marketing from the Coca-Cola company, particularly with the arrival of the giant red lorry. Well now it looks like its days could be numbered. Read More >>

London’s Tech Chief Insists the Capital is Open to Innovation, Despite Uber Ban

Some people consider London's decision to deny Uber a new operating licence as an attack on innovation and choice. I am of the opinion that those people are idiots, mainly because Uber is but one of many hi-tech companies operating in the capital (taxi-based or otherwise). Now London's Theo Blackwell, Sadiq Khan's new digital officer, promised that the city is still open to new technology and innovation - provided it's used properly. Read More >>

north korea
Police Had to Destroy a ‘Suspicious Package’ Outside North Korea’s London Embassy

Last night was a bit exciting in Ealing, but not in a good way. Police were called after a suspicious package was spotted outside of the North Korean embassy, which ended up with a controlled explosion being carried out. Read More >>