Watch a Gun Safe Get Cracked Open with Just a Paper Clip

Hmm. That’s not supposed to happen like that. And yet this gun safe — a GunVault GVB1000 (which happens to be approved by the California Department of Justice) that uses a biometric fingerprint sensor to unlock itself — can be easily opened with just a paperclip. It’s a method that simply involves tricking the bypass lock to open the latch. Read More >>

Hackers Can Easily 3D Print Your House Keys Now

A development in the 3D printing and hacking and burglary fields should make it easier than ever for someone to break into your house, eat your food, poo in your sink then leave, with a new system promising the ability to 3D print a blank door key ready for shaping by simply scanning a photo of a lock. Read More >>

Do You Lock Your Phone?

Confession time: I don't lock my phone. No password or key, no swipe pattern, no fingerprint scan. Nothing. It's really stupid and I will probably regret it someday. Read More >>