English Indoor Venues Can Reopen in August, Providing There’s Social Distancing

The main issue with reopening businesses and public places while there's still a deadly virus floating about is that people can't be trusted. Can't be trusted to stay apart, wear masks, or generally behave in a way that would be detrimental to the spread of a coronavirus like COVID-19. But it's happening anyway, and the next phase of England's grand reopening of the economy is indoor venues. Read More >>

Krispy Kreme is Giving Out Free Doughnuts to People Who Had Birthdays in Lockdown

If your birthday fell during the Period Of Nothingness known as lockdown (or, in a few years' time, "lockdown number 1 of N"), Krispy Kreme have decided to somewhat make up for it with a free doughnut. Read More >>

Scots Attempt DIY Blockade of English Border

A group of what the Edinburgh Evening News describes as "Scottish nationalists" has attempted to tell the English they're not welcome in Scotland at the moment, as tensions over the differing handling of coronavirus restrictions north and south of the border spill over into the real world. Read More >>

New Zealand Authorises Several Film and TV Productions to Start Up, Including Lord of the Rings and Cowboy Bebop

New Zealand is handling Covid-19 better than most, with ongoing cases in the country down to a handful. That makes it a promising place to resume production on all those TV shows and movies we love, and the country has recently authorised a handful of productions to resume or begin inside the country’s borders. Read More >>

Leicester Police Not Entirely Sure How to Enforce the UK’s First Local Lockdown

More details have been released about the UK's first local lockdown, which is good news for the region's police who weren't even given a map of the area to be controlled until well after the announcement of new restrictions was made. Read More >>

Leicester’s Been Put Back in Lockdown

Leicester has such a serious coronavirus situation that it's been put back in lockdown all by itself. Read More >>

Scientists Suggest Unlocking One Lucky City as a Municipal Guinea Pig to See What Happens

A group of experts and scientists have proposed the idea of entirely returning one UK city back to pre-lockdown levels of normality, then simply testing everyone once a week and... seeing what happens. Does five per cent of everyone die or not? There's only one way to find out. Read More >>

Airbnb Shamed Again, This Time for Enabling “Lockdown Parties”

The same sort of people who've been shitting in Pringles tubes and leaving them on the beaches for other people to clean up of late have been up to new sorts of mischief too, as the horror of the "lockdown party" in rented accommodation has been unearthed. Read More >>

Lockdown Loo is an Online Map of Public Toilets that are Actually Open

The ever-changing lockdown rules have meant that more and more of us are starting to spend time outside again, particularly in parks and public spaces (hello Londoners with no garden, I feel you). However, at first almost all public loos were still closed, and of course there was no resorting to buying a lemon at Starbucks to get the toilet door code, because all the cafés were shut. Even McDonald's. Read More >>

Currys is Opening 131 Shops as ‘Tech Help Hubs’ on 15th June

15th June is when a lot of stuff is going to reopen, and while the day feels a bit like it's some way off, it's actually just three days from now. The latest big company to announce its shops are reopening is Currys PC World, which is reopening 131 of its shops as 'Tech Help Hubs' from Monday. Read More >>

Government Sex Ban Abandoned in Favour of Singleton Casual Hookups

The sex ban that wasn't is now ancient history, as last night's rewriting of the rules around self isolation appear to be encouraging it, with no lesser expert on fathering children than Boris Johnson saying it's now fine for single people to meet other single people and feel the shapes of their mouths through their masks. Read More >>

GAME Announces That All of Its Stores in England and Northern Ireland Are Reopening Next Week

If you're not one for ordering games online and having them conveniently dropped through your letterbox, then you'll be stoked at the news that GAME is reopening its high street stores in England and Northern Ireland on June 15. Read More >>

Government Under Pressure to Weigh in on Early Reopening of Pubs With Beer Gardens

The hospitality industry is set to open next month, and it seems that's going to be case regardless of where we're at with the COVID-19 alert level (still at 4), but with rumours that establishments with beer gardens could be opening before the end of the month, business owners want to know what the hell's going on. Read More >>

Fancy a Takeaway Pint but Don’t Know Where to Go to Get It? Then This is the Map for You

If you've been desperate for a pint from your local because supermarket beer just isn't hitting the spot, you're weird and I don't understand you. But I can still help! Read More >>

Have You Started Noticing Birds Etc. During Lockdown?

Scientists want to have a go at collating the effect lockdown has had on our wildlife, and would like us lot to poke our phones out of the window to record evidence of braver birds, less timid foxes, and all the interesting weeds sprouting around the edges of our abandoned cars. Read More >>