This See-Through Combination Lock Unravels the Mystery of Lockers

As you raced through your locker combination four or five times a day during school, did you ever stop to wonder how those seemingly random rotations actually worked to protect your lunch and textbooks? The lock’s mysterious inner workings were always hidden away under a metal case, but this clear plastic replica finally reveals what’s going on inside. Read More >>

Hilton UK Tests Phones as Door Keys

The Hilton hotel chain is about to test using NFC-equipped smartphones as door keys, with a trial about to start in 10 of its UK properties -- and an ambition of getting around 100 wired up for it by the end of the year. Read More >>

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A 3D-Printed, PIN-Protected Door Lock Won’t Protect Your Home But it Definitely Looks Cool

3D printers may have failed as a home appliance, but researchers at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut aren’t ready to give up on them just yet. Last year they successfully 3D-printed a working door handle without any moving parts, and this year they’re following it up with a 3D-printed, PIN-protected door lock. Read More >>

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How Bulletproof Is a £691 Padlock?

Guns are used to blow the locks off doors in movies and TV so often we don’t stop to think if what we’re seeing is possible. (For the record, the answer is: sometimes.) But what does it take for a lock to be totally bulletproof? Read More >>

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Breaking Open a Lock with a Paper Clip, a Screwdriver, or a Metal Can is Really Easy

You’re not going to be a master locksmith after you watch this video showing you three ways to break open a lock, but you might stop putting your faith in cheap padlocks. That’s because a few bent paperclips could jimmy the thing open. Even just jamming a screwdriver into the keyhole can make it unlock. Or if you’re super experimental, you can trace a key using tape and then cut out its shape on a flimsy metal can. Read More >>

This Bike Lock Does Double Service as a Tail Light

Cyclists love to bitch about the unnecessary weight involved with carrying a quality u-lock, but those same riders also really hate having their bikes stolen. So if you could incorporate a red light into a bike lock, saving a little weight and adding functionality, that really wouldn’t be a bad thing. Read More >>

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Melting a Lock with a Torch Is a Great Way to Break It Open

Locks are meant to be broken. Torches are meant to wield fire. So it makes total sense to use a torch to melt the hell out of a lock to bust it open, right? Exactly! Watch as the fire from this torch completely obliterates the lock, so much so that it just oozes open and leaves the U-shape metal totally exposed. Awesome. Read More >>

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Visual Breakdown of How a Modern Safe Keeps Things Locked Up

Here’s a nice little exploded and dissected visualisation of a modern safe. For this particular model, over 500 parts are used to make up the impenetrable box with 26 hardened steel bolts keeping things shut tight. It’s also fireproof to up to 1200 degrees and has a lock with 1.2 million possible combinations. Read More >>

Hackers Can Easily 3D Print Your House Keys Now

A development in the 3D printing and hacking and burglary fields should make it easier than ever for someone to break into your house, eat your food, poo in your sink then leave, with a new system promising the ability to 3D print a blank door key ready for shaping by simply scanning a photo of a lock. Read More >>

Conventional Picking Tools Won’t Work on This Shielded Lock

By now we know that even the most secure-looking locks can be easily compromised. So we should all just leave our doors open and hope for the best, right? Maybe not, because a simple design change promises to make it impossible for someone to pick tumbler locks. Read More >>

The History and Future of Locks and Keys

Of all the technology you use on a daily basis, you probably pay the least attention to the mechanical miracles that keep your home or your gym bag secure. Locks and keys have been around for millennia, but they are undergoing one of their rare historic shifts—from mechanical to electronic, from isolated to interconnected. Read More >>

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The Trick to Cracking a Master Combo Lock in Eight Tries or Fewer 

Master combo locks aren't known as paragons of security. But damn, they look easy to crack. In a new video, hacker Samy Kamkar demonstrates a simple trick that he claims can break into most Master combo locks in just a few tries. Read More >>