Cover Your Android’s Lockscreen in Just the Apps You Really Need

Your phone is probably full of apps. And that's great! Apps are fun! But having a million of 'em is less fun when you need to get to a specific one, and right quick. A new Android app called Cover's got your back though, and can turn your lockscreen into a simple menu of only what you need right now. Read More >>

Android’s Pattern Lock Might Be Getting a Little More Convenient

The worst part about keeping your Android phone secure—besides the slight hassle—is having to sacrifice fun, convenient little lockscreen shortcuts. A newly-granted Google patent shows a potential solution, if they ever decide to actually use it. Read More >>

Another Samsung Lockscreen Bypass Demonstrated on the Galaxy Note II

The lockscreen on Samsung's Galaxy Note II is the latest to be rather easily bypassed by a crude technique, and this one doesn't involve anything more complex than perseverance and a quick Google voice search. Read More >>

This Crisp, Functional Lockscreen Is Reason Enough to Jailbreak Your iPhone

Whenever you bring up jailbreaking with the uninitiated, you're faced with that one, recurring question: "Why? Why should I jailbreak?" This beautiful, functional, better-than-stock lockscreen is as good an answer as any. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S III’s Lockscreen Is Swiss Cheese Too

As if here to solely prove my point, that it's pretty much safe to assume that if someone has your phone in their possession they'll be able to get through the lockscreen, the Samsung Galaxy S III has a security bug too. You can gain full access to a locked Galaxy S III with a series of simple button presses. Read More >>

Your Android Phone’s Lockscreen Is No Match For a Freezer

Make no mistakes about it, your lockscreen is good at keeping honest people honest, but a truly dedicated thief is bound to find his way around it. One of the wilder ways to do so has recently been demonstrated by researchers who cracked through a Galaxy Nexus's security by throwing it in a freezer. Read More >>