How Amazon Now Shapes What Our Stuff Looks Like

Tide, a brand of American laundry detergent, just announced a new alternative to the classic bottle of detergent. It basically looks and works just like a box of wine, which is sort of funny because of that whole meme about teens eating Tide Pods. But the new Tide Eco-Box is no joke. It’s actually a glimpse into a future where Amazon is dictating what our stuff looks like. Read More >>

Amazon Imagines Future Employee Surveillance With Patent Application for AR Goggles

Amazon was criticised earlier this year for a controversial patent application that detailed an “ultrasonic bracelet” that could be used to surveil workers. The company’s newly public application for augmented reality goggles made specifically for warehouse workers is far more alarming. Read More >>

The Eye-Popping Science Fiction of Freight Yards at Night

The CSX Northwest Ohio Intermodal Terminal is not a film set from the next Star Trek, but a logistics hub through which nearly 50 million tonnes of freight passes every year. Read More >>

Resupplying The Concordia Base Through the Art of Polar Logistics

This is what trainspotting looks like in the largest, coldest desert in the world, where temperatures reach –80°C and the nearest human beings are over nearly 400 miles away. Read More >>