IFA 2019: This New Logitech Mouse Has a Magnetic Wheel That Feels Like Magic

Thanks to PC gaming, fancy mice with high with DPI sensors and tactile mechanical keyboards have become a lot more popular. Yet when it comes to productivity, Logitech’s MX-series mice are pretty much unmatched, and with the new MX Master 3, Logitech has propelled its flagship mouse into a class of its own. Read More >>

The Logitech Crayon Is a Great iPad Stylus for Kids. Artists? Not So Much

There was a small splash of enthusiasm when Logitech recently announced that the £65 Crayon, a more affordable “digital pencil” originally only for education customers, would be available to all iPad users. Calling it a “pencil” is problematic, though. It can’t do all the same things as a £90 Apple Pencil. And depending on what you want to do with an iPad, that difference can feel like a big deal. Read More >>

I Can’t Figure Out Who This Luxurious Wireless Mouse System Is for

You’ll have to forgive me, I’m working through a problem here. I’m faced with some seriously cool technology that gets me excited in a flying car, robot maids, vapourware kind of way: A wireless mouse that never needs to be plugged in. No cord to transmit data. No dock or cable to keep it charged. If you had told little baby me in 1988 that one day the clunky box with the ball inside would use lasers, be powered by magnets, and work completely wirelessly, I would have been astounded. The part of me very in touch with my youth is astounded. But the other part of me is living in 2018 where it is very clear that something like a truly wireless mouse is...niche. Read More >>

After Outrage, Logitech Gives Free Upgrade to Owners of Soon to Be Obsolete Device

When Logitech decided to end support for its Harmony Link universal media hubs, customers were not happy. And rightly so, because despite the device being a little old (it originally debuted back in 2011), through no fault of their own, their devices would cease to function on 16 March 2018. Read More >>

Wait, Logitech is Cool Now?

If you’re reading Giz, then chances are that you’re the sort of person who has a box, or boxes, in your house full of old tech. Clunky wired keyboards, speakers from an old desktop PC, and dozens of adaptors, leads and plugs for peripherals that have long been rendered redundant. And the chances are, many of them are made by Logitech. Read More >>

Why the Hell Would Anyone Use a Trackball Mouse?

With its big rolypoly ball and huge hand rest, the venerable trackball mouse looks like a holdover from 1996. Or maybe 1946—that’s the first time a trackball was used as an input device in a computer. Its popularity has waned since the introduction of the mouse and then the trackpad. And for good reason. Those devices take up way less space! But here’s the thing: The trackball is still good. Not just good—the trackball is great. So great that Logitech introducing its first trackball in many years is a cause for celebration—even if I have some issues with my new favourite input device. Read More >>

Ultimate Ears’ New Bluetooth Speaker Looks Like A Winking Robot

There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers in the world, but the new one from Ultimate Ears has stolen our hearts. Read More >>

This Silly Button From Logitech Made My Smart Home Fun Again

I have issues with smart home technology. The promise of a Jetsons-style, automated living environment has never been closer, but the experience basically sucks right now. After spending a few weeks with a programmable button by Logitech, however, I feel suddenly hopeful. Read More >>

Logitech’s Compact Gaming Keyboard Is Still Hulkish But a Joy to Use

Esports are big business now. And with millions of dollars wrapped up in prizes and sponsorship, hardware makers are starting to cater to a new category of athlete. But while the resulting gear might be designed with professional gamers in mind, it turns out it can be pretty fantastic for the rest of us too. Read More >>

This 4K Webcam Will Show Your Every Flaw to Your Fans

Webcams aren’t quite the must have accessory they were in 2010. Now every laptop and tablet has a camera on the front, ready and willing to broadcast your multitude of chins out onto the internets. But the webcam fattening the bezel of your laptop has some pretty severe limitations, ranging from lack of flexibility to quality. If you’re a serious streamer, or addicted to Skype, you’ll need something more. Logitech thinks it’s made that something. Read More >>

Logitech is Finally Making Affordable Gaming Mice Again

Logitech used to make the best cheap gaming mouse in the business. The Logitech MX518 was the under affordable dream machine everyone recommended to new gamers. Whether you spent twelve hours a day in World of Warcraft or were constantly fragging infants in Counter-Strike, the MX518 was a workhorse mouse with the best sensor available and just enough extra buttons to let you get stuff done. Read More >>

Logitech Has a Silent Mouse for You 4 AM Rage Clickers

Logitech, maker of things that plug into other more expensive things, has announced the M220 Silent and M330 Silent Plus; two forms of mouse for your computer that it says are nice and quiet. Read More >>

Logi Circle Hands-On: Home Connection Camera is the Friendly Face of Big Brother

As a Londoner, I’m used to being recorded at almost every public place I visit, whether on the bus, in a shop or simply walking down the street. It’s part and parcel of living in an overpopulated metropolis, a city targeted by terrorists, inhabited by its fair share of wackos. Home is an oasis away from this pervading surveillance culture. But the Circle from Logi (formerly Logitech), the company’s new “home connection” device, wants to build a positive case for having an always-on camera in your living room too. Read More >>

The Life and Untimely Death of Technology’s Weirdest Logo

In 1988 Timothy Wilkinson, a British designer at frog design in Silicon Valley, was tasked with creating a logo for the biggest peripheral maker in the world: Logitech. The company kept Wilkinson’s logo around for almost 30 years. And while it long seemed a weird design, it’s also completely brilliant. Read More >>