Spotify, Fix Your Crooked Logo—It’s Driving Me Nuts

The Spotify logo is tilted. It took me entirely too long to know this for sure. Read More >>

Police Force’s New DIY Logo Gets a Kicking

Poor old Lincolnshire Police thought it did a good thing in saving public money by whizzing up a new logo in-house at the cost of a few hundred quid, instead of paying some idiots in London with the expensive new Macs £50,000 to do it. But no, everyone thinks the DIY text-based logo with its random blue swoosh is a terrible creation. Read More >>

Is David Hockney’s Trollish Logo For ‘The Sun’ An Act Of Revenge?

Veteran artist David Hockney is a household name for a reason: he's incredibly talented. So when The Sun unveiled the one-off reworking of its logo that they'd commissioned from Hockney and it came out looking like something a preschooler made in MS Paint, questions were understandably asked as to whether Hockney was taking the mick. And it turns out he might have a reason. Read More >>

Where Have We Seen the Apple News Logo Before?

Gamers. Apple fans. Both quite good at noticing tiny things and then making them into massive things and having fights that end up on the news. Hence this. People from both camps have noticed that Apple's new News logo that heads up its redesigned aggregator within iOS 10 really quite clearly resembles a thing from a game. Read More >>

Google’s Logo Killed Serifs Because Serifs Had it Coming

Google debuted a serif-free logo today, marking the first real change to its logo since 1999. And although we think it’s much prettier than the 16-year-old design, the company claimed it was more about functionality than looks. The Google logo has become more and more problematic throughout its existence, and it had everything to do with those serifs. Read More >>

The New Sonos Logo Looks Like Pulsing Sound as You Scroll It

Scroll the page. Go on, scroll it. And marvel at the way the new, perfectly static Sonos logo pulses like sound is emanating from its centre, producing a pounding bass line. Read More >>

Why MIT Media Lab Scrapped Its Old Logo After Just Three Years

Back in 2011, Gizmodo reported on MIT Media Lab's cool new logo: a self-generating algorithm that gave each and every team and employee within the organisation their own unique logo. This month, the lab revealed a new identity, doing away with the old version after an extraordinarily short run. And they had a very good reason for it. Read More >>

It’s Hard to Believe These Water Droplets are Not Computer Generated

Adobe asked artist Alex Trochut to recreate the company's logo "using the technique of his choice." This is the result; the use of colour and the fact that he didn't use digital software to create these perfect bubbles makes it all the more impressive. Read More >>

Can You Name the Brands Behind These 20 Translated Logos?

The logo of a multinational brand needs to be recognisable in any language, which is why so much time and effort goes into developing a strong design. But it's still fun to see what Subway's logo looks like in Chinese, or what Pizza Hut looks like in Farsi. Read More >>

These Parody Logos of Famous Brands Are More Honest Than the Real Logos

Most company logos usually play it pretty safe: stale stencils or vanilla graphics mixed with a bunch of nothingness to keep uniqueness to a minimum. That's never fun. But if you get too adventurous, the Internet skewers you. That's why we're left with logos and brands that pretty much are all different degrees of the same. Read More >>

21st Century Fox’s First Logo Fixes What Wasn’t Broken

The logo is a volatile instrument. It can do more harm than good if it’s introduced the wrong way, or with too much fanfare, or with too much self-congratulation (remember the Gap debacle?). Which might explain why the unveiling of 21st Century Fox’s first identity, yesterday afternoon, could’ve easily slipped under the radar. Read More >>

What Do You Think of ITV’s New Child-Like Logo?

ITV's just launched its total rebrand, the biggest change to the UK's second biggest broadcaster in the last 12 years, and it's not exactly gone over well. The critical response has been pretty much universally bad, but what do you think? Has ITV just become hip, or is a logo that looks like a child practicing joined-up writing the embodiment of fail? Read More >>

The Original Android Mascots Were Super Scary

Google's little green android is now a well-known tech icon. But these pictures—the original concept drawings for the Android mascot—show what could have been if Google hadn't used a talented designer to realise its ideas. Read More >>

Did Microsoft Steal Its New Logo From a Chocolate Company?

Ritter Sport makes fine German chocolate in a variety of flavours. Microsoft makes electronics and software of all sorts. Ritter is found in stores the world over. Microsoft is found in pockets and PCs and places of business all across the land. Both good companies. Both successful companies. But neither one as much in common with the other...EXCEPT FOR A LOGO. Read More >>