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Man Hilariously Reviews the Annoying Water Machine at His Office

It’s nice to have a job, and it’s nice to work in an office. Yet, as average guy Frank May expresses in a new YouTube video, the workplace comes with frustrations, too. In May’s case, it’s a too-fancy water machine that costs his company £800 a year and does nothing right. Read More >>

Soylent Gets in a Big, Dumb PR Fight

One of Soylent’s biggest ingredient suppliers—TerraVia—has thrown down the gauntlet and cut ties with the meal replacement company, effective immediately. It’s part of possibly the strangest PR feud of the year, and probably the first major controversy in history involving algae. Read More >>

The Circle of Life Was Inside This Baby the Whole Time

As the new Planet Earth series has us remembering, nature is awe-inspiring, and unparalleled in its complexity, diversity, or cruelty. Observing the eternal arms race of species competing to claim a limited number of resources as it plays out through specialized biology over the course of millennia is humbling stuff. Read More >>

It’s 2016 and Crazy Frog Is Skyrocketing on Youtube

A mounting body of evidence from this colossally sickening year suggests we are living in the end-times. For the sceptics, the wilfully naive, the hopeful souls holding out for a better tomorrow, may I present the return of Crazy Frog. Read More >>

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A Video That  Finally Expresses My Feelings Towards Sports

Now, you might be expecting this to be a rant about how irritating sports and sports fans can be. Maybe one about how team loyalties are based solely on regional pride even though many teams’ players aren’t from that city or general area. Read More >>

There’s Nothing Remotely Functional About an Axe Handle Made of Gummy Bears

There’s no end to the impressive stuff handy YouTubers will make out of wood, metal, and plastic. Peter Brown, however, favours unorthodox building materials. Read More >>

Watch a Guy Rip a Bong Full of Raw Eggs

Let me tell you, I’ve seen some stupid shit on the internet. I’ve watched someone suck on a vape full of the world’s hottest chili powder. I’ve detailed the chronology of YouTubers eating entire cacti for measly ad dollars. Read More >>

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Here’s the Best Way to Erase a Hard Drive

The US Government standards are for chumps. With the Molten Copper Overwrite™ even an incomplete destruction of the hard disk will result in an unusable metal puck with no clear way to access the scorched ones and zeros within. Read More >>

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Final Fantasy Makers Announce Apple Watch Exclusive Game

Square Enix has a curious relationship with mobile gaming. It’s got games on both Android and iOS. They’re very good games. Some are even updates of some of the best games ever made. But they are ridiculously expensive games. Chrono Trigger, which is one of the most engaging RPGs ever pixellated, goes for £7.99. Final Fantasy Tactics, the best strategy RPG currently on mobile devices, goes for an outrageously high £10.49. So one can only assume that the new Apple Watch-only game will cost a relative fortune. Read More >>

Listen to Hieronymus Bosch’s 500-Year-Old Butt Song From Hell

In any other painting, a naked butt tattooed with a musical score would be the first thing you'd notice. But it's just another detail in Hieronymus Bosch's masterpiece, The Garden of Earthly Delights—which explains why it's taken someone 500 years to try to play it. Read More >>

Google Patents Social Network That Can Talk to Itself

Google software engineers have patented the concept of a sort of social network auto-responder, mooting a system that learns your usual responses (LOL, haha, :(, etc etc) and then offers to respond to people in a similar manner on your behalf. Read More >>

Google’s Just In It For the .LOLs

Google has gone public with some of its plans to register and manage some weird new top-level domains as part of ICANN's big shake-up of the system, with the likes of .google, .docs and even .lol on its shortlist of future web addresses that sound like a good idea. Read More >>

David Cameron Thought “LOL” Meant “Lots of Love” (Just Like Your Mum)

Lots of gems have come out of the Leveson enquiry, mainly revolving around old man-Murdoch, but right now it's Rebekah Brooks in the hot seat. She's been telling us all about her textual relationship with our dear PM, Mr. David Cameron. Apparently he's not managed to get that newfangled text speak down just yet. Read More >>

LOL at How The Internet Happened

The Life Online exhibit, which they would like us to shorten to LOL, is a new installation at the National Media Museum in Bradford. It takes visitors on a physical walk through the timeline of the invention of the internet, from the late 1960s to where we're all sat on our laptops and mobiles today, complaining it's still not fast enough. Read More >>