A Drone’s-Eye View of the Smallest, Saddest Orca Tank in the US

You're probably familiar with the many injustices going down at SeaWorld, including the park's (weak) attempts at trying to make them right. But now, new drone footage is here to remind you that there are other parks tormenting orcas in equally horrible–if not even sadder—ways. Say hello to Miami Seaquarium's Lolita, a whale who lives in the smallest, saddest orca tank in the USA. Read More >>

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Which Actor Looks Most Like the Composite Sketch of Literature’s Most Famous Paedophile?

All of the descriptions of Humbert Humbert from Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita paint a creepily human picture of a paedophile. Especially when you plug those descriptions into the composite sketch software that cops use to nab crooks. How does this computer-generated portrait compare with what you thought Humbert Humbert looked like? Read More >>