Coke Sorry About Wiping Greece off the Map

You know how boring it is drawing maps? You know how sometimes you just squiggle a bit to make it easier? That's what Coca-Cola did around the tricky Mediterranean area, accidentally erasing Greece from one promotional Olympic map. Greece was not happy. Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 14

As the Olympics comes into its closing weekend, it's the final edition of Lolympics, but there's still a lot happening under all the winning and celebrating. Some people will stop at nothing to get gold, not even a broken leg puts them off, which is insane, plus someone offers Bolt an unlimited supply of chicken nuggets, his favourite. The Spice girls will be here to entertain you on Sunday, but that won't stop fights on the basketball court, or French people cheating. Meanwhile, we've got a load of gruesome-looking crashes from the BMXing to look forward to. That's all in the last working day of the lolympics. Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 13

The Olympics are starting to wrap up, but there's still plenty going on through till Sunday. Ahead of Bolt v Blake tonight, Usain fires some warning shots. Meanwhile, "Blade Runner" Pistorius is back in the game; the Royal Mail's almost as speedy as the athletes, and there's more addictiveness out of Google. It's not all good news though, a lagered-up Belgian is shown the door; the French call us cheats, and the Kiwis blow up their BBQ -- it's all in a day at the Lolympics. Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 12

Another day of the Lolympics passes, but at last, Australia concedes defeat. Google's also thrown up an excruciatingly addictive doodle, while we get a peek at what makes the our immense cyclists tick, technology-wise. We also saw a pole vault snap mid-jump; the brand police go nuts over a watch; the Daily Express and Mirror get totally confused by photos, and Jessica Ennis' golden postbox got vandalised -- only in Britain. Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 11

We've won gold 21 times over now, and thanks to our success, Australia's getting a bit petulant over the whole thing. In other Olympics news today, if haven't made it to the Olympic Stadium, we've got a gigapixel image for you, which is the next best thing to being there. It's not all good news though -- Idowu is out, and seven Cameroonians are on the lamb from the Olympics, but at least we haven't landed flat on our backs in the pool (yet). Bolt apparently wants to play for Man U after this, which is weird, and did you know each gold medal costs us about £450? Add that to our national debt. Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 10

Well, we've managed a serious medal haul these last three days, plus the awesome 100m final, which some tool decided he was going to try and wreck with a bottle and some abuse; thankfully the rozzers got him. Meanwhile, more signs make a mockery of water polo players; McDonald's powers Bolt, again, and some idiot gets thrown out of the Games for smoking dope while another just can't be arsed. All in another day's Lolympics. Read More >>

Royal Mail Paints Wrong Postbox Gold (Updated)

Team GB has had a bit of a gold rush recently with medals coming left, right and centre; something which is keeping Royal Mail busy, as they're painting a postbox in each athlete's hometown gold. But it seems Royal Mail got a bit premature with the gold paint, as tweets from Olympic cycle champion Laura Trott say that they painted the wrong postbox gold. Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 7

In London 2012, even gold medalists take to the Tube, although probably not when there's a Central line collapse just when it starts to get busy. Anyway, that didn't stop our boys winning gold in the cycling last night, nor did it stop the remote-control Minis taking centre stage in the Olympic Stadium. Plus, have you ever wondered what athletes listen to on those massive cans they all seem to wear? Wonder no more, just mind out for the topless Ukrainian feminists while you're out and about, OK? Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 6

We're in London for the Olympics, so it's about bloody time someone won something for shooting...and gold will just have to do, I suppose. Speaking of gold, Royal Mail is painting the town -- well, its mail boxes -- gold, in celebration of all these GB medals we've scooped up. Meanwhile, someone tried to win gold with Zelda; the Olympics totally nuked an ebook festival, and the Australians show they really don't like the Naughty North Koreans. Read More >>

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Surprisingly, Dancing to Zelda Music Won’t Win You a Gold Medal

You would have thought that picking an awesome score for your gymnastics routine, like that from Zelda performed by none other than Lindsey Stirling, would instantly win you a gold medal, but sadly not. Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 5

Yes! Finally! We've won not one, but two whole gold medal events. But that's not all that's been happening in a day of Lolympics. Good ol'Boris, hilariously, got stuck hanging from a zip-line waving flags, while Beats actually managed to beat the Olympic brand police. Eight badminton players also got caught fixing matches and banned, and you can now see what could happen to your legs as a cyclist (it's not pretty). Read More >>

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Boris Johnson Stuck on a Zip-Line Is the Biggest Olympic Attraction of the Day

Oh dear, Boris. The fluffy-headed Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, went a bit too far in trying to show his devotion to the Olympics. He got stuck halfway down a zip-line, making a right tit of himself, union jacks in hand. Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 4

They said the London 2012 games were the "social" games, and if they meant Twitter causing a right old mess for everyone, then they were spot on. We've now had two Olympians ejected for racist tweets; someone get locked up for abusing Tom Daley, and now a storm over Twitter's censorship of a journalist. Also, I'm apparently most similar to a female GB swimmer's body (who knew?), and we've won the first GB men's gymnastics medal in 100 years -- so, not all bad then. Read More >>

British Journalist Banned From Twitter For Criticising NBC’s Crappy Olympics Coverage

Oh dear Twitter. NBC might be your broadcasting partner for the Olympics, but that doesn't mean you should ban people for criticising them and tweeting a company email address. Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 3

We've had a weekend filled with the Opening Ceremony; disappointment in the cycling, and a whole boat-load of sport, but today's just another day of the Lolympics. This time round we've got our dear PM using the tube; the most hilarious Olympics worker ever; the real skydiving Bond and Queenie, plus some squabbling over BMXs; a row over seats, and yet more trouble for G4S. Oh dear lord. Read More >>