However Nice It’d be to Host the Olympics Again, Rio’s Games Aren’t Moving Here

For all our cynicism in the run-up to the London 2012 Olympics, it turned out to be a patriotically-charged pride-fest. Mo! Ennis! Let's not forget Long Jump king Rutherford! But despite reports that 2016 host-city Rio is woefully behind on its preparations for the games, the International Olympics Committee has moved to squash rumours that the games could return to London. Read More >>

Take a Dip in the Zaha Hadid-Designed 2012 Olympic Pool for Just £3.50

Forget gold postboxes or a new West Ham stadium -- the real meat of the 'Olympic legacy' was unveiled today, and it looks fantastic. As promised, most of the venues in the Olympic Park in Stratford are being reopened as places for the general public to go do sporty things; and crucially, they're all cheap and gob-smackingly beautiful. Read More >>

Coke Sorry About Wiping Greece off the Map

You know how boring it is drawing maps? You know how sometimes you just squiggle a bit to make it easier? That's what Coca-Cola did around the tricky Mediterranean area, accidentally erasing Greece from one promotional Olympic map. Greece was not happy. Read More >>

Is Usain Bolt Actually Faster Than Gravity?

Usain Bolt is fast. Like, really fast. He's pretty much the fastest dude that ever was fast. And while that's impressive in its own right, could it be that he's actually faster than gravity, one of the fundamental forces that rules the very nature of the universe in which we live? Well, that's sort of a weird question to try and answer, but that hasn't stopped MinutePhysics from poking at it. The answer is SPOILER ALERT "maybe, sort of" but I'll let the master explain the details. Suffice it to say you don't ever want to be running from Usain Bolt. [YouTube] Read More >>

Nike’s Specially Designed Track Spikes Helped a Double Amputee Sprint in London

South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius, aka Blade Runner, is running in the Olympics. Unlike his competitors he did it as a below-the-knee amputee, using Ossür's Flex-Foot Cheetah legs. But he also faced a unique challenge that his competitors didn't have to consider — how do you get track spikes on your prosthetics? Read More >>

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Slow-Motion Flaming Tennis Should Be an Official Olympic Sport

It looks like the usual tennis superstars are going to walk away with all the medals at this year's Olympic games—yawn. So to make it more interesting and unpredictable four years from now, perhaps the organisers of the Rio games should consider adding flaming tennis balls into the mix, and filming everything in super slow motion. Read More >>

The Olympics Are Using Miniature RC Mini Coopers To Retrieve Javelins and Other Track & Field Gear

The 2012 Olympics might best be remembered for being some of the most over-sponsored games ever. But even product placement can occasionally be awesome, like these 1/4-scale RC Mini Coopers that will be used to retrieve hammers, shots, discuses, and javelins when the track & field events finally get under way. Read More >>

olympics Helps You Keep Track of the Only Thing That Really Matters at the Olympics

Every nation, broadcast network, and news site on the planet have a way to keep track of the medal count at the Olympics. But why wade through all that other ancillary crap—like stories of athletes overcoming adversity and political drama—when all you care about is what nation has the most medals, and by extension is the greatest country on earth? Read More >>

This Lego Olympic Park Is Just Like the Real Thing

If you're getting bored of technology making the Olympics worse, maybe it's time to give up and build your own version of the games out of Lego. Be warned though: if you do, Warren Elsmore has already done it better than you ever will. Read More >>

LOCOG, Not Tweeters, Blamed for Olympic Cycling GPS Balls Up

The timing failure witnessed during the men's Olympic road race could have been avoided, say those in the mobile industry, if only race organisers had told the mobile networks they were planning on using GPS and mobile connections to track the racers. Read More >>

Stretching and Flexibility: Olympian Advice For Lazy Giz Readers

Oh, to be as stretchy as a gymnast; a carefree life full of surfing the internet with my legs behind my head, and opening doors with my feet when my hands are full. Elsa Garcia, Mexico's poster girl for London 2012, brags that she's flexible enough to do all that and more. I spoke to the Olympic gymnast between training sessions and got the lowdown for all the lazy Gizmodians out there. Read More >>

Inventor of the Web Given Hero’s Welcome at Olympics

Yesterday's Olympic opening ceremony was a hallucinatory ode to western history, questionable British music, a giant baby, David Beckham's body, and—amid the athletic sprawl—one of the greatest geeks of all time. Read More >>

London 2012 Bans Knives, Drugs, Guns and… Portable 3G Hotspots

London's Olympic events will not be welcoming anyone carrying a 3G hotspot device, as all forms of "Wireless access points" are banned from being taken into the Olympic venues. Read More >>

The “Olympic Positivity” London Eye Light Show MUST be Fake, Right?

EDF Energy has bedecked the London Eye with lights, powered by a system that measures the "positivity" toward the London 2012 games on Twitter and can adjust the show accordingly. Given that all we see on Twitter is people whining about McDonalds and LOCOG being logo nazis, surely it's one huge lie? Read More >>

Here’s Why We’ll Here Those Tennis Grunts at the London Olympics

The thawck of an arrow hitting a target. The splash of a swimmer diving into the pool. The clap of a sprinter's feet hitting the track. Those are some of the noises you'll hear broadcast through your TV when the London Olympics kick off next Friday. But you're not just hearing those signature sounds of sport naturally—in fact, it takes an immense amount of movie-calibre production. Read More >>