The London Eye Changed Direction for an Hour in Case Anyone Didn’t Notice

In a monumentous move that no one noticed or cared about, the London Eye changed the rotation of its spin to mark the end of British summer time. Read More >>

10 of the World’s Craziest Ferris Wheels

Tonight the London Eye will be lit up with hundreds of fireworks as cold, uncomfortable revellers sing Auld Lang Syne along the banks of the Thames. If the London Eye isn't enough Ferris wheel for you, we've collected nine other weird and wonderful wheels to feed your Ferris addiction. Read More >>

The Eye Painted London Green, Blue and Yellow

Last night, the London Eye was lit up with the colours of Brazil to celebrate the launch of another Samsung tablet the World Cup kick-off. Read More >>

London Eye Partying Like it’s 2012 With 30 DJs and Live Streaming Light Show

30 of the glass pods up on the London Eye will be rocking and shining once more tonight, as some sort of musical stunt illuminates the big wheel and fills it with DJs to celebrate London and the UK's clubbing and DJ scene. Read More >>

The Race to Build the Biggest Ferris Wheel on Earth

For more than 100 years, every Ferris wheel on the planet was roughly the same size and height as the 1893 original. But in 2000, something changed: London debuted the London Eye, an enormous juggernaut of a tourist trap. Its success sparked a global race to build higher and faster wheels in the sky—and it's only heating up. So who's winning? Read More >>

The “Olympic Positivity” London Eye Light Show MUST be Fake, Right?

EDF Energy has bedecked the London Eye with lights, powered by a system that measures the "positivity" toward the London 2012 games on Twitter and can adjust the show accordingly. Given that all we see on Twitter is people whining about McDonalds and LOCOG being logo nazis, surely it's one huge lie? Read More >>

London Eye Kitted Out With Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1

The big wheel thing that sits beside the Thames has been refitted over the winter, with each of the Eye's pods now featuring one of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets inside it. Read More >>