Big Ben Got Stuck on the Finish Line at the London Marathon

It seems Big Ben has used his break from bonging while renovation work goes on to train for the London Marathon. Read More >>

Tomorrow, Astronaut Tim Peake Will Run The London Marathon Onboard The ISS

Here’s a way to keep in shape while in space: run a marathon. That’s what UK Astronaut Tim Peake will be doing tomorrow as he orbits above the Earth on the International Space Station. Read More >>

Disabled British Woman Amazingly Takes On the London Marathon, Thanks to a Robotic Suit

We’ve seen the Japanese experiment with power suits for a while, but now a British woman, Claire Lomas, is finally putting one to good use. Having been told she’d never walk again after being stuck in a wheel chair by a spinal injury thanks to falling off a horse, she’s going to complete all 26-miles of the London Marathon with the aid of a £43,000 robotic pair of trousers. Read More >>