Here are the New Trains Hitting the London Overground This November

The other day we got some details about some new trains that are heading to the London Underground's Piccadilly line in 2023, but today we have a glimpse at something coming a little bit sooner. Newly upgraded Overground trains that'll enter service this November. Read More >>

TfL’s Suburban Rail Takeover Will Turn London a Lot More Orange

Rejoice! Transport for London (TfL) has confirmed it will take control of London’s suburban rail network and paint it London Overground orange. The capital’s hordes of usually-miserable commuters have greeted the news with genuine smiles, as the new arrangement should see train services in and around the capital improve dramatically. Read More >>

Whatever Underground Can Do, Overground Can Do Better — Including Free Wi-Fi

We heard Virgin is set to pump Wi-Fi down London’s tube in time for the Olympics, but it seems it’s not just the tunnel-loving that’ll get some free Wi-Fi this year -- London Overground’s getting The Cloud in to cover its stations too. The best thing is it’ll remain free forever, not just a brief free summer romance of the tube. Read More >>