Here’s What TfL Learned From Tracking Your Phone On the Tube

At the end of last year, between 21st November and 19th December, Transport for London carried out an intriguing trial: It was going to track your phone on the London Underground. Read More >>

London’s Victoria Line Will Soon Have A Train Every 100 Seconds

Good news for anyone who has ever tried to squeeze on a Victoria Line train during the morning rush hour: Transport for London has figured out how to squeeze even more trains on to the tracks. Read More >>

The Tube Heartbeat Map Pumps Life Into the Underground

Put your hands together for Oliver O’Brien. The UCL researcher (and major map geek) has used TfL data to build the Tube Heartbeat, a magnificent, animated, interactive map that shows the lines of the transport network swell and shrink as passenger numbers rise and fall throughout the day. Read More >>

The Night Tube is Extending to the Jubilee Line on October 7th

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has revealed when the next line will be joining London's Night Tube. Read More >>

These Are the Hottest Platforms on London Underground

We all know that Londoners are a sensitive bunch, all too ready to kick off about pretty much anything, but the Underground has been a sweaty, stifling pit this week, thanks to a collar-wilting cocktail of cracking weather, a lack of air conditioning and the bodily heat of tens of thousands of commuters. Read More >>

Steam Trains Will Temporarily Return to London Underground in September

You'll be able to ride steam trains on the London Underground for a couple of days this summer, as part of a sort-of-sad but also sort-of-cool initiative from the London Transport Museum, taking place on September 10-11. Read More >>

London’s Cancelled Transport Projects (Or, Why Commuting in the Capital is Rubbish)

Until the mid-19th century, London was actually rather small by today’s standards. Hammersmith was still a sleepy country village, fields were to be found to the north of Great Russell Street, and the cities of Westminster and London were still identifiably separate. So taking the longview, since then London has exploded - hitting a population of around 9 million before WWII. Though the numbers fell after they soon started to rise again - with the population predicted to hit 11 million by 2050. And this raises an obvious question: How can London help everyone get around? Read More >>

Holborn Station’s Escalators Will be Standing-Only For 6 Months

Following a successful trial towards the end of last year, TfL has announced that two of Holborn’s three escalators will be made standing-only for the next six months. From today, nobody will be allowed to walk up or down the 23.4m moving staircases, as TfL believes the measures will counteract station congestion. Read More >>

Underwater Tunnel Entrance Has Been Opened in London for the First Time in 147 Years

The first underwater tunnel ever built opened in London in 1843, paving the way for cities everywhere to expand beneath rivers and oceans. Now, the tunnel’s grand entrance hall reopens to the public for the first time in 147 years. The underground event space is part of an engineering museum that celebrates the famous family who built the tunnel — and much of London. Read More >>

These are the Worst London Underground Lines For Crime

The British Transport Police have released crime figures for London’s Tube network, and they show that you’re most likely to have your wallet/handbag/bottom pinched on the Central Line. It makes perfect sense, as the route is indicated by a red line on the Tube maps, and everyone knows that red means danger. Read More >>

The Night Tube is Finally Back on Track (No, REALLY This Time)

The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) has finally accepted pay conditions for the Night Tube, meaning that the 24-hour London Underground service is back on the menu. 84% of its 10,000 members reportedly voted in favour of the offer, which has been described as a “fair deal”. Read More >>

There’s a Scarily-Graphic Tube Disaster Simulation Going Down in London This Week

London Underground carriages buried in rubble, people covered in blood and emergency crews working together to rescue as many of them as possible. It may look and sound like a scene from a movie or terrible nightmares, but this is genuinely happening right now. Read More >>

Apple Pay Users Get Free London Underground Tube Travel Next Monday

There's a certain degree of irony in giving those with iPhones and Apple Watches free travel – among the most expensive of consumer tech items, surely their owners don't need so much financial support? What about those still rocking a Nokia brick? Still, if you've got an Apple Pay-supported device and are a Mastercard customer, you can get free public transport across London next Monday, February 29th. Read More >>

London Underground Stations Will Become Live Music Venues For St Patrick’s Day

If you’re not a fan of traditional Irish music, Guinness and merriment, try to avoid the Tube on March 12 and 13th. TfL has partnered with the Irish Embassy to bring St Patrick’s Day to London’s usual misery hotspots, and will host live music performances -- hopefully more than a couple of buskers -- at a number of Underground stations around the capital. Read More >>

Night Tube Launch Rolls Closer as RMT Boss Agrees Terms

The Night Tube could be back on the menu, people. The head of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union has urged its members to snap up an improved pay and conditions deal, and a vote is set to kick off on February 11. Read More >>