The London Underground Has Faster Wi-Fi Speeds Than Over 4 Million UK Homes

A portion of the London Underground got 4G coverage this week, but it may surprise you to discover that the network of subterranean tunnels has faster Wi-Fi than 4.4 million UK homes. Unless yours is one of them. Read More >>

4G Goes Live This Week on the London Underground’s Jubilee Line

The eastern half of the Jubilee line will have full mobile connectivity starting this week, and it's right on schedule, which is perhaps the biggest surprise of all. Read More >>

Someone Translated the Whole London Tube Map into Welsh

Fans of the iconic London Underground map and beautiful languages have a new collectable for their wall: rail guard David Smith has translated the whole map into Welsh. Read More >>

EE Joins the Ranks of Network Operators Bringing 4G to the London Underground

EE boss, Marc Allera, confirms that EE will be joining O2 and Vodafone in the London Underground 4G trial. Read More >>

TfL Taps O2 to Bring 4G to London Underground in March 2020 Starting With Jubilee Line

O2 has signed an agreement with TfL to bring 4G to the London Underground. Read More >>

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The Putrid Air From the London Underground Will Soon Be Heating up Your Homes

Heat from the London Underground is going to be used to heat up homes and businesses because all of that rank, hot air is too good to waste. Read More >>

London Underground Will Offer Some 4G Coverage by Next Year

Transport for London (TfL) has pledged that the entire tube network will have 4G connectivity by the mid 2020s. Read More >>

This New Take on the London Tube Map Will Put Your Literary Knowledge to the Test

Bookworms will love the latest alternative map for the London Underground that replaces destination names with the titles of books set in those areas. Read More >>

White Hart Lane Station is Being Renamed Tottenham Hotspur, Says Club

The brand takeover of the transport network continues with the news that just like Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur will likely have its local station named after the club. Read More >>

Pornographer Fined £1,000 For Having A Threesome On The Tube

We've seen some deeply weird unpleasant things on the tube. People openly doing drugs, people harassing each other, and of course the infamous guy who shat on the platform (do not click if you don't want to see exactly what it sounds like you're going to see). Read More >>

There’ll Be Steam Trains On The Tube Again This Year

Looking at the news, it seems we've gone back in time in many ways -- so the fact that there'll be steam trains on the District Line once again this year doesn't seem entirely out of place. Read More >>

Violence On The Tube Has Shot Up

Data from the British Transport Police shows that violent crime on the London Underground system has soared by over 43% in the last three years. Read More >>

There’s A Range Of Fancy London Underground Accessories At Selfridges

London Underground merch is all the rage lately. We've had trainers, more trainers, and now a whole range of snooty accessories at Selfridges. Read More >>

People Got On The Tube With No Trousers On For The Tenth Year Running

Yesterday was the tenth annual No Trousers Tube Ride, a tradition in which – you've guessed it – people get on the tube with no trousers on. Read More >>

The Air On The London Underground is Really, Really Bad

Everyone knows we've got air quality problems in London, but it might surprise you to hear that the air on the underground is even worse. Read More >>