New Tube Seats Remind Passengers ‘Not All Disabilities Are Visible’

Giz UK's Good Guy of the Day Award goes to Transport for London, whose new designs for the priority seats on the underground go some way to reminding people how to be decent human beings. Read More >>

Some Fool Poured Concrete Down London Drains & Now We Have a Concreteberg

We didn't think it was necessary to say "don't pour concrete down the drain" but apparently it is, because some deeply unwise individuals have been doing exactly that, and caused a massive problem for everyone. Read More >>

Revealed: The Hidden Geography of London’s Cycle Hire Scheme

London’s Cycle Hire bikes are one of the best things to happen to London in the 21st century. Since launching in July 2010, they have transformed mobility for millions of people: no more squeezing onto crowded buses or descending into the depths of the tube – you can breeze through central London, and arrive at work with a sense of joy rather than with your spirit crushed. Read More >>

Spotify Opens London R&D Site and Needs 300 New Staff

All those £9.99s a month we pay to stream the same seven songs we used to like in the 1990s are being reinvested in the London job scene, with streaming kingpin Spotify opening its expanded London R&D site this week -- and it needs masses of fresh, intelligent, management-grade meat to sit at all the lovely new desks. Read More >>

Ecuador Arrests Digital Privacy Activist and Programmer for ‘Collaborating’ with WikiLeaks

Police in Ecuador have arrested Swedish programmer and digital privacy activist Ola Bini for allegedly trying to destabilise the Ecuadorian government by “collaborating” with WikiLeaks. Bini was arrested at Quito Airport in Ecuador on his way to Japan. Read More >>

London’s Ultra-Low Emission Zone Kicks in Today

The long-promised London Ultra-Low Emission Zone (which rather unfortunately abbreviates to ULEZ) goes into effect today. Read More >>

Julian Assange Accused of Leaking President of Ecuador’s Private Family Photos

Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno has accused Julian Assange of violating the terms of his asylum and leaking private photos of Moreno’s family and friends online in the latest dust-up between the WikiLeaks founder and his increasingly frustrated hosts. Read More >>

473 Bin Bags of Wet Wipes Removed From Thames Shoreline

Some Londoners who own wellies had a fun day out on the Thames in March, where they spent an enjoyable day mudlarking for... wet wipes and sanitary products. The Romans left pipes and pots. We're leaving a reef of plastic fibres because we think the toilet is a bin. Read More >>

London’s Tulip Tower Approved for Erection

Remember the distinctly phallic new skyscraper that's been planned for London for a while? Well, it's happening. Read More >>

Short Story Vending Machines Offer Short Respite From Smartphone/Brexit

A strange international trend is hitting London this week, where a collection of vending machines are being installed to give stressed commuters the chance to vend themselves a short story to read on the way home. Read More >>

Big Ben’s Scaffolding is Now On Google Maps

Big Ben is under tourist-disappointing scaffolding until at least 2021, and it's been there so long that it's now part of Google Maps. Read More >>

Ride a Restored Bus from the ’40s to Kew Gardens and Greenwich

The lovely London Transport Museum has announced two new excursions, both on restored RTW buses – that's the precursor to the Routemaster, fact fans – originally introduced in the 1940s and not seen on London's roads since 1966. Read More >>

The Red Bull Escape Room World Championship is Coming to London

The final of the Red Bull Escape Room World Championships is coming to London on the 13th of April, where crazy people from 23 different countries will willingly allow themselves to be locked in a room so they can get out again. Read More >>

Big Ben’s Blue Hands Ungloved

Part of the massive heap of scaffolding that's been ruining London's views for tourists for years has been removed, with the first of the Elizabeth Tower's refurbished clock faces revealed for the first time in its deepest Prussian blue finish. Read More >>