It’s Official: The Bakerloo Is The Hottest London Underground Line

Ahhh, look at the lovely weather. It must be summer in London at last. Time to stroll through Hyde Park, stop for a drink at one of the capital’s countless drinking establishments… and then risk death by melting, by stepping on to an unbearably warm Tube. Read More >>

London Tube Accidents Reached New High Of 4,928 In 2016

TfL has reported that accidents on the London Underground are up 11% on 2015, with nearly 5000 reported incidents. The one bright spot is that customers seem to be falling into the gap less, with 282 people not heeding the words of the intercom - down from 293 in 2015. Read More >>

Eurostar Will Go Direct From London To Amsterdam This Year

Eurostar plans to offer a direct route from London to Amsterdam before the year is up. You can already use the service to get to the city now, but you need to change to a different, albeit high-speed, train to get to either Rotterdam or Amsterdam. The new service will go direct in little under four hours and there will be two trains per day. Read More >>

TfL has USB for DLR

The Docklands Light Railway, London's roomiest, monorail-iest and best train line by miles, is getting an upgrade. Transport for London is investing in 43 new trains for the line, which will come with air conditioning and USB sockets for executives to charge their iPhones on the way back home. Read More >>

A Union is Threatening Legal Action Over Uber’s Licence in London

Uber's really, really not having a great time of it. Now it's facing some legal threats from the GMB Union regarding the renewal of its operating licence with TfL. Read More >>

London Traffic Was Brought to a Standstill by a Swarm of Bees

Think about your worst rush hour experience. Traffic was probably at a stand still, and you probably needed to get home to use the toilet or something. Now imagine that same experience with a couple of changes: you're in Greenwich, and the biggest swarm of bees you've ever seen is hanging outside your car. Read More >>

Germaphobe Living in London? Ditch the Tube and Get the Bus

There are lots of hazards to your health in a big city, particularly one as busy (and polluted) as London. If you live there, or are planning on visiting, you might wonder which way round the city if the cleanest. Well I have some advice that should be fairly obvious, ditch the tube. Read More >>

You’ll Never Guess Which UK City is Worst for Raising Children

A survey conducted by Money Supermarket has worked out which cities are the best for raising children, and which ones are worse. Can you guess which of the 35 cities came in dead last? Go on, you'll never guess that it's London. It's absolutely shocking news that nobody could have ever seen coming. Read More >>

A Derelict House Hidden by an Overgrown Tree Just Sold for Over Half a Million

There's a running joke about the London housing market, where a cupboard under the stairs would cost you over £500 a month in rent plus bills. I say joke. I actually mean sad depressing reality, because those types of listing do exist. Hell even a derelict house will cost more than half a million pounds. That's not hyperbole either, that actually happened yesterday afternoon. Read More >>

Citymapper Is Trialling a Smart Bus Service in London

Say what you like about London, you have to admit that the public transport infrastructure is pretty decent (if a bit cramped). But it could always be better, and Citymapper (yes, the app) are working on creating smart vehicles to service a society that keeps adding 'smart' in front of things. Read More >>

London Has A Sewing Machine Museum & It’s Only Open Tomorrow

Did you know London has a Sewing Machine Museum? We didn't, but now that we do we're pretty much beside ourselves with excitement. Read More >>

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Landlord Offers A Year’s Free Rent For Social Media Idea

A London landlord company is offering a social media whiz the chance to win a year's free rent in return for a clever campaign idea. Read More >>

London is Colouring in its Buses and Routes

London's buses are about to start getting some Underground-style coloured themes, as Transport for London attempts to make identifying bus routes as easy as working out which tube line you need to take. Read More >>

London Photos Show Just How Long Ago 1990 Was

1990 doesn't sound that long ago, does it? The beginning of the Fresh Prince, Italia '90, Home Alone? But if it's hard to believe it was more than a quarter of a century ago, these pictures should help. Read More >>

London Hero Casually Rescues Cat, Goes About His Business

Footage from London's Royal Docks shows the world's most casual hero saving a cat from drowning in the River Thames. Read More >>