Companies Are Still Launching New Dockless Bikes In London, FFS

They've failed over and over again, but some companies are still doggedly trying to make dockless bikes happen against all the odds. Read More >>

Looks Like The Piccadilly Line’s Getting Those Sliding Platform Doors

Ever wondered why only the Jubilee line has the sliding doors on the platform that stop you getting blasted by wind Marilyn Monroe-style whenever the trains come in? Read More >>

London Airport Doesn’t Want Rotating Tourist Pods in the Sky

London's City Airport has come out with a potentially disastrous objection against the plan to build a massive observation platform in the city complete with spinning external pods for tourists, as it's worried that air traffic control systems might get a bit confused when they detect unexpected moving things in a bit of the sky. Read More >>

London Gaming Bar Gets A Board Game Vending Machine

The excellently-named Loading Bar in Dalston, East London has an epic collection of board games, plus a whole basement full of arcade and console games that you can play for free. And now, it has a board game vending machine so you can take your favourite new discovery home with you. Read More >>

Adidas Has Made A Shoe For Every Tube Line

Adidas loves its trainer collaborations, and despite having done one with Transport for London just a month ago to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the Oyster card, they've somehow prepared another entire line of tube shoes. Read More >>

facial recognition
London Tech Trial Will 3D Scan Passengers To See If They’ve Touched In

Updated 27/11: a previous version of this article incorrectly stated that facial recognition would be trialled in London. This is not the case. The article has now been updated to restore accuracy. Read More >>

A Junk Food Advertising Ban is on the Way for London’s Transport Network

February of 2019 is going to see a subtle change in the fabric of London society, as from the 25th of the month all advertising for what's loosely bracketed as "junk food" will be banned from being sold and displayed inside the city's buses and on the Underground/Overground lines. Read More >>

black friday
Even The London Transport Museum’s Having A Black Friday Sale

If there's one thing Black Friday's good for, it's getting cool Christmas presents for your friends and family for a bit less than usual. Read More >>

Yorkshiremen Will Build London’s Next-Gen Tube Trains

London's long-running plan to upgrade part of the Underground fleet has taken a big step into actually happening, with Transport for London announcing that it's going ahead with the ordering of 94 all-new next-gen tube trains – to be built by Siemens in East Yorkshire. Read More >>

Taco Bell Confuses the Heck Out of London By Making Big Ben Bong Again

Big Ben is silent at the moment because of renovations on the Elizabeth Tower (you wouldn't fancy a GIANT BELL bonging in your ear while you're trying to work, would you?). It's only bringing back its signature bongs on very special occasions, like Remembrance Day (or the testing for it). Read More >>

New Massive Phallus Planned for London’s Skyline

The architect behind this latest massive tower for London – which is obviously Sir Norman Foster's lot – has already thought up a nickname for it. They would like it to be known as the Tulip, because tulips have long shafts and huge bulbous ends at the top. Perfect. Read More >>

London Scraps its Unusable Water Cannon Fleet

Here's some great news for anyone planning a mass campaign of civil disobedience in London -- the city no longer has access to three former German rolling water cannons. Not that it was legally allowed to use them anyway. Read More >>

Gorgeous 1930s Art Deco Trains Might Return to The Tube

The London Transport Museum is busily restoring three beautiful 1930s tube carriages that were withdrawn from service almost 50 years ago. Read More >>

There Are Now Lego Nifflers All Over The Country

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is out now, and to celebrate, the excellent humans at Lego have built some massive brick Nifflers. Read More >>

Deliveroo Is Giving Away 2,000 Free Doughnuts In London On Friday

The relentless march of food delivery press releases continues with the news that Deliveroo is treating London to a load of free doughnuts on Friday 16th November. Read More >>