Joanna Lumley Might Have to Pay for the Bridge That Never Happened

The Garden Bridge that was proposed to span the Thames but then never did because people came to their senses for once, could return to haunt the trustees behind the concept. One legal expert thinks the initial backers may have overstepped their responsibilities in promoting the idea and sloshing the money about before all permissions were granted, which could leave them liable for some of the £46m cost shouldered by the Department for Transport and Transport for London. Read More >>

London Cabbies Plan £1bn Legal Attack on Uber

Sources close to the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association – London's black cab driver union – claim the organisation is getting ready to hit the big time by launching a legal case against Uber to the tune of more than £1bn if successful. Read More >>

London Wants to Make Driving in it Even Worse

London's mayor has had an idea about how to make being in control of a car in the city an even more soul destroying and miserable experience – introducing a partial 20mph speed limit. Because of safety reasons. Read More >>

Facebook Moves in Next to Google With Massive New Offices in King’s Cross

Facebook's about to upend some of its UK staff and create a cosy new build for them to scooter around from informal meeting to informal meeting, with the social network agreeing to take on three as yet unbuilt office buildings in King's Cross – just around the corner from Google's forthcoming tech battlestation. Read More >>

St Paul’s Not Happy About London’s Latest Skyscraper Plan

The planning department within the City of London's bureaucratic chambers has granted permission for a new tower to be built near all the other oddball recent towers the bankers had made, with this one nicknamed the "Cheesegrater 2" because it looks a bit like another one that's already up. It won't be referred to by this cute little nickname by the guardians of St Paul's cathedral, though, as they're furious that another glassy wedge is eroding some of London's classic street views. Read More >>

TfL Proposal Could Mean Stricter Congestion Charge Exemption Rules From Next April

Do you ever drive through London for reasons other than "it's your job"? Well what's wrong with you, why would you do that to yourself? Not only are London's roads horrendously busy, going into the centre means you have to contend with the congestion charge. Don't go claiming you're OK because you have an 18 year old Prius. Transport for London proposed tightening the congestion charge exemption criteria from next April, and it could mean your old hybrid might become ineligible. Read More >>

We Now Know When the Next Stage of Crossrail Will Launch

Whether you call it Crossrail, the Elizabeth Line, or the Purple Line, we've been looking forward to London's newest train line for quite a long time. The first section, ferrying passengers between Liverpool Street and Shenfield opened last summer, while services between Paddington and Heathrow terminals two, three and four began in May. Now we know when the third stage will open up across the rest of Central London. Read More >>

Uber Regains Temporary License to Operate in London After Promising to Stop Being Terrible

Ride-sharing giant Uber, which lost its license to operate in its millions-strong London market in September 2017 amid a Transport for London (TfL) ruling the company was “not fit and proper to hold a private operator license,” has won at least a temporary reprieve in its battle against UK regulators. Read More >>

Which City Hates London the Most? Spoiler, it’s Newcastle

The concept of 'London' is a bit contentious in some parts of the country. It's big, important, and incredibly expensive for visitors and residents alike. So to find out just how the people of the UK feel about London existing, YouGov poll to see how different regions of the country felt. As it turns out, the further you get from London the less impressed people are - especially around Newcastle. Read More >>

Here’s Our First Look at Upgraded Trains Coming to London’s Piccadilly Line

It's hardly a secret that the London Underground is old. In fact the trains used on the Bakerloo line have been around for over 45 years at this point, and some of the others aren't much younger. So it's no shock to hear that TfL is getting the old rolling stock upgraded, and we've just had our first look at the new trains heading to the Piccadilly Line. Read More >>

London’s Oxford Street Will Remain Overcrowded, Overpolluted, and Full of Taxis

Last November plans were announced that would see London's Oxford Street get pedestrianised, removing all wheeled objects from the vicinity (except wheelchairs and the like, obviously). The plans would have happened in three stages, starting this year, with the entire road vehicle free by 2020. Unfortunately those plans have now been cancelled by Westminster Council. Read More >>

Transport for London Launches Bus Passenger Tracking Trial

Transport for London, the body which operates the capital's public transport, has today announced that from tomorrow, it will be starting a new automatic passenger counting trial on buses, which it says could lead to better bus journeys in the future. Read More >>

Steam Train’s Chuffs Trigger Evacuation of London Victoria

London's Victoria station was fully evacuated yesterday evening, thanks to a throwback from yesteryear confusing today's safety systems. It was rebuilt steam-powered legend the Flying Scotsman that was in town, and its output set off all the fire alarms. Read More >>

Kind and Caring New Uber UK Offers Drivers Sick and Maternity Pay

Uber has made a massive concession in its contractual world, coming up with a plan to offer its drivers sick pay and maternity pay — funded by an insurance policy that's paid for using the commissions it takes on each trip. Read More >>

Junk Food Ads Could be Banned From London’s Tubes and Buses

London's mayor has decided it's time to get angry about kids eating burgers, and he's so angry he wants to order Transport for London to stop accepting adverts for junk food across the city's rail and bus networks. Read More >>