TfL is Trialling a New System That Lets You Find a Quieter Carriage

Part of the London experience is getting into an overcrowded tube carriage uncomfortably close to someone else, with someone's backpack pushing into your ribs. Well you probably won't have to guess which carriage might have fewer people inside, because TfL is trialling a new system that tells you how busy carriages are in upcoming trains. Read More >>

Londoners Could Spend an Extra £90 Million a Year if Uber’s Licence Appeal Fails, Say Tories

The case of Uber vs Transport for London isn't going to end anytime soon. It's going to drag on and on with appeals, and possibly even appeals to those appeals. Well there's a new development, with the London Assembly Tories claiming that Londoners could end up paying an extra £90 million every year (combined, not each) if Uber's licence isn't reinstated. Read More >>

Apocalypse Now: The Best Views of Today’s Orange Sky

Storm Ophelia has raged in on Ireland from the Atlantic, and while England is mostly unaware of the devastation it's brought with it, it has left us one reminder of its presence: a sensational orange sky. Read More >>

Open Tube And Bus Data Has Boosted London’s Economy

Cracking open transport data and letting developers play with it has boosted London's economy to the tune of £130m every year, according to new research. Read More >>

Uber Has Officially Launched an Appeal Against its London Licence Loss

Uber was denied an licence renewal last month, meaning it's unable to operate in London. We all know that because we've heard it a billion times already. We also know that an appeal may help reverse the decision, and should, at the very least, be allowed to operate until the conclusion of the appeals process. Well now Uber is finally getting round to filing that appeal. Read More >>

Uber’s Boss Said Sorry to London for Ban

A small glimpse into what was said at the Uber/TfL power meeting this week has been given to us by mayor Sadiq Khan, who seems to have lowered his DEFCON level a couple of notches when it comes to dealing with the taxi company. Read More >>

London’s US Embassy Hedge is a Goldmine of Stashed Goods

A deep undercover investigation into the security arrangements of the US embassy in London has exposed the bizarre lengths some people go to in order to keep their appointments with the bureaucrats within, revealing that people who accidentally have restricted items on them are often prompted to hide them outside in the bushes for the duration of their visit. Read More >>

Uber and TfL Schedule Awkward Chat for Next Week

"So Dara, thanks for, er, coming, and, well, it's still quite warm for October, isn't it? I nearly wore a coat this morning but I'm glad I didn't, although I was a bit cold to start off with, but I soon warmed up, that's the benefit of cycling to the office, isn't it? Gets the blood pumping! So anyway, about this massive global fuss. Oh yes, sorry, tea? We have some herbal bags somewhere, I know you tech types are all about the antioxidants as you think you're going to live forever, don't you? Sugar? Oh no, of course not. Silly me. Yes please, Margaret, three for me." Read More >>

Uber Could Continue to Operate for Another Year While it Appeals the London Ban

Last Friday Transport for London announced that it would not be renewing Uber's licence to operate within the city, effectively banning it from operating in London after 30th September. While Uber now seems willing to negotiate and make a deal, it seems the company might be able to continue operating for another 12 months while it appeals the initial decision in court. Read More >>

Apparently Uber is Willing to Make a Deal to Get its London Licence Back

Last week came with some pretty shocking news. Transport for London announced (in a tweet, of all places) that it would not be renewing Uber's licence. That meant that once Uber's current licence expired on 30th September (aka this Saturday) the taxi company that insists it isn't a taxi company would not be allowed to operate within the city. Read More >>

Five Alternative Taxi Apps to Uber in London

If you're a regular Uber user, you're undoubtedly panicking after hearing the news that Uber can no longer operate in London. All is not lost though, as there are a number of alternative taxi services for you to use, and we've got them all listed right here. Read More >>

Uber Has Been Banned From London

Transport for London has just taken the extraordinary step of banning Uber from London, announcing that the minicab company will not have its licence to operate renewed. The exact wording includes the bombshell that: "Uber London is not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence." Blimey. Read More >>

Citymapper To Launch A New London “Bus” Route That Uses Gett Taxis Instead Of Buses

Gett Together, operated by Gett, has announced a partnership with Citymapper to make its service as effective as possible. If you're unfamiliar with it, Gett Together is a taxi service, but one that sees black cabs travel along fixed routes, and you just hop in and out anywhere along its path. So, er, a bit like a bus. Read More >>

Newly Discovered London Fatberg Takes Record

Turns out we're still best at doing something as a nation. That thing is putting fat and wet wipes into the drains, as Thames Water has discovered what's presumed to be the largest known fatberg in the world beneath streets in Whitechapel. They should make putting things down the drain an Olympic sport. Read More >>

New Uber Rival Taxify Suspends London Operations After Three Days

International ride-hailing provider Taxify has been forced to stop its operations in London, at the behest of TfL. And it only started taking bookings from the public on Tuesday. Read More >>