Get the Huawei Watch GT 2 for Free by Diving Into the Royal Victoria Dock This Weekend

Huawei is giving away its next gen smartwatch for free to those of you willing to dive into the icy depths of the Royal Victoria Dock to get it. Read More >>

Just Who Do You Think Is the Enemy Here?

London has banned Extinction Rebellion protests, but that hasn’t deterred the climate activists from continuing their actions around the city. On Thursday, they shut down parts of the London Tube, climbing on train roofs and in some cases gluing themselves in place. Read More >>

John Lewis Oxford Street Is Hosting a Rooftop Winter Carnival Starting This Friday

The John Lewis on Oxford Street is getting a fun, festive makeover this Friday that runs all the way through to January. Read More >>

Burger & Lobster Douses Its OG Lobster Roll in Champagne Butter and Bumps up the Price

Burger & Lobster is rolling out a new autumn menu that sees a limited edition Champagne Lobster Roll make its debut. Read More >>

giz uk
Uber-rival Bolt Goes Large in London

Uber hasn't had a great time of it in London recently, with Transport for London in September granting the taxi app a measly two-month licence to continue operating in the capital. So the company's probably not going to be best pleased that ride-hailing app Bolt has today introduced an XL category to cater for large families and bigger groups. Read More >>

giz uk
Ofcom Confirm Scousers Love a Chinwag

The people of Liverpool spend more time talking on their mobile than those in other major British cities. Read More >>

Banksy Opens a Fake Shop for Dull Non-Artistic Legal Purposes

Street artist friend of the super rich "Banksy" is finally opening a high street shop, although there's a catch. A very boring legal catch to do with merchandising rights. Read More >>

Tube Drivers Plan Go-Slow Protest Over Noise Levels

A potentially never-ending rolling semi-strike is about to hit several of London's tube lines, with drivers running the Jubilee, Central, Northern and Victoria lines set to limit their top speeds to pressure bosses to do something about the track noise levels they experience while shuttling about the city's tunnels. Read More >>

Uber Wins Crappy Consolation Two-Month Contract for London Operation

The boring contractual wrangling between Uber and Transport for London is not going to end any time soon, as London's transport authority has agreed to hand the car-booking business a new licence to continue operating in the city – but it only lasts for two months, so another application will have to be started immediately. Read More >>

Thieves Really Want Hybrid Cars’ Exhaust Pipes

London's police officers are spending more time than ever crouching down to examine the aftermath of crime, as the city has recorded a vast rise in the number of thefts of catalytic converters from beneath parked cars. Read More >>

air pollution
A Giant Pair of Lungs Has Been Erected in London to Highlight the Issue of Air Pollution

In a bid to make the issue of air pollution in London more visible, E.ON has installed a 16-foot high pair of lungs in London ahead of the Global Climate Strike week and the city's car free day. Read More >>

AR Artwork Installed in London Park

London-based art collective Frieze has launched what it believes to be the first augmented reality art exhibit for the capital's frowning masses, and has "installed" a series of sculptures in London's Regent's Park for visitors to enjoy through the medium of their smartphone screens. Read More >>

Hellman’s Pop-up Real Taste, Less Waste Kitchen Will Show You How to Rustle up Meals With Your Leftovers

To highlight what a load of wasteful scumbags we all are, Hellman's is opening up a pop-up in mid-September, making culinary creations from the nation's top ten wasted food items. Read More >>

McDonald’s Spicy Nugs Get Dissed by London Chain Serving up Posh Lobster Nugs

In a restaurant chain that ceases to exist outside of the bounds of London, a new form of spicy nugs are coming. Lobster nugs. Posh nugs, if you will. Read More >>

London is Getting a Pop-up Pokemon Center to Celebrate the Launch of Sword and Shield

Attention Pokemon fans! Get your butts to London this October to visit the UK's first ever Pokémon Center. Yes I know that's not how we spell it on this side of the Atlantic, but that's what the Pokémon Company has decided to call it so you're going to have to grin and bear it. Read More >>