Google Maps Will Show Wheelchair Accessibility Info in London and Other World Cities

I don't know what it's like to have to use a wheelchair, but it's obvious that there are plenty of routes in London (especially on public transport) that aren't anywhere close to wheelchair friendly. Google Maps is now doing what it can, adding a filter so people can opt for wheelchair accessible routes when they're planning their trips. Read More >>

London’s Boris Bikes Might be Shut Down [Update: Mayor’s Office Denies]

Update: The London Mayor's office has denied that Boris Bikes will be phased out. Instead it's been in touch to say Comissioner Brown was actually talking about incorporating technology from other bike-sharing schemed to improve them. Read More >>

TfL Reveals How Much It’ll Cost to Travel via Crossrail

London's Crossrail service, officially known now as the Elizabeth Line, is set to open later this year, and slowly we're getting a picture of what it will be like to travel on the brand new section of the Underground. We've seen the fancy new trains that will be in operation, and now TfL has confirmed how much it will cost to use. Spoiler: It's basically the same as the regular Tube, unless you're travelling to Heathrow. Read More >>

Uber’s Bringing Uber Movement to London, Making Anonymous Ride Data Available to All

Last year Uber launched Uber Movement, an urban planning tool that made anonymous ride data available to governments and the public - the idea being that they can utilise Uber's data as they would other information collected on how people use and interact with public transport. Now that tool is going live in London. Read More >>

This Clever Tool Will Tell You How Many Londoners Share Your Commute

Have you ever squeezed on to the Tube in the morning and got a sense of déjà vu? If you look up from your phone and into the dead-eyed faces of the other commuters, don't some of them seem... a little familiar? That might be because in a city of eight million people, some of them are the same people day in, day out. Read More >>

The MET Police is Taking on a Fleet of 11 Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles

Most of the world might be betting on electric cars to help wean society off fossil fuels, but there are still plenty out there who haven't given up on a hydrogen-powered future. Which is fair, because despite the issue of infrastructure there's a lot hydrogen fuel has to offer. That's why London's Metropolitan Police are teaming up with Toyota to take on a fleet of 11 Toyota Mirai cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Read More >>

Newspaper Switches to Emoji-Based Weather Forecasts

A redesign of London's Evening Standard that launches today is shocking the establishment to its very core with one of its changes; it's now using emojis to explain to the kids that rain is bad and sun is nice. Read More >>

Sadiq Khan Declares Driverless Tube Trains “Madness”

In a move that will no doubt make him very popular with the transport unions, Sadiq Khan has spoken out against the idea of driverless trains on the London Underground. Apparently that idea is "madness". Read More >>

London’s Night Overground Extends to Highbury & Islington Tonight

Getting around London at night is a lot easier now that some of the Under and Overground services run through the night, with TfL and Sadiq Khan working to ensure more services are open 24 hours a day. Tonight the latest extension of the Overground's night services goes live, meaning people can travel through to Highbury & Islington. Read More >>

Uber Makes More Changes To Keep Sadiq Khan Happy, Including a Dedicated Complaints Line

The relationship between Uber and Transport for London at the moment is strained, at best, thanks to the former's operating licence not being renewed - effectively banning it from the city. While Uber dismissed claims it wasn't "fit and proper" to hold a licence and set about appealing the ban in court, it seems it's not above trying to curry favour with the regulator by making changes to the way it operates. Read More >>

Transport for London Has New Rules for Uber and Other Ride-Sharing Services

Transport for London has just released a brand new policy statement for ride-sharing services operating in the city, including Uber. A lot of the stuff in the six-page document is just a rehash of old regulations, but some of it will mean some changes might be needed - including things like better driver conditions, better accessibility for passengers, and an option for women-only rides with UberPool and other similar services. Read More >>

London Plans £6m Secret Bus Driver Toilet Network

London's mayor has brought to light a problem we didn't know existed: the how and where of bus drivers going to the toilet. We always assumed they held it in until they got back to the depot and were perhaps trained in advanced muscle control and peristaltic wave interruption, but apparently not. Read More >>

London Plans to Ring Fence Newbuilds to Keep Them Locally Owned

London's mayor has come up with an idea to please anyone able to magic up the laughably huge amounts of money needed to buy an "affordable" house in the city -- giving locals an exclusive buying window during which overseas investors are frozen out. Read More >>

London’s Unlimited One Hour Bus Hopper Fare Comes Into Effect Today

Back in November London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced that the London's Bus Hopper scheme would be getting a mini expansion in the new year. Today is the day that goes into effect, which should save some commuters a bit of extra cash. Read More >>

London Might Be Getting a Concert Venue Shaped Like a Giant Golf Ball

American company Madison Square Garden Company (MSGC) has revealed plans to create its first venue outside of the United States: a massive concert arena near to the Olympic park in Newham. Read More >>