London’s £10 Banger Tax Arrives in October

London's pressing ahead with plans to introduce its "Toxicity Charge" later this year, with the scheme adding an extra £10 to the cost of driving some older models of car into the city from October 23. Read More >>

London Street Art Covered By Anti-Gentrification Rant

The relentless march of gentrification has annoyed one Londoner enough that they've covered a really quite lovely street art mural with a badly-spaced rant. Read More >>

The UK Has A New Cyber Security HQ

The government's new National Cyber Security Centre officially opens today in Victoria, London - with the ribbon being cut by renowned cybersecurity expert, the Queen. Read More >>

UberEats Arrives in Second UK City: Manchester

UberEats, the cab app's answer to Deliveroo, has arrived in Manchester - its second UK city after London, and its third global city called Manchester (it's already in Manchesters New Hampshire and Connecticut). Read More >>

pokemon go
London Besieged By Porygon As Pokémon Go UK Valentine’s Day Event Kicks Off

The first Pokémon Go event of 2017 is live in the UK now, having kicked in just after 7pm last night - and Londoners haven't been able to move for Porygon since. Read More >>

LFB’s Crappy Engine Dispatch Software Is Playing With Fire, Says BBC

The dispatch software used by the London Fire Brigade (LFB) is dangerously unreliable, according to a damning investigation by the BBC. Read More >>

Oxford Street HMV Is Closing After 96 Years

After the sad closure of the enormous HMV at 150 Oxford Street in 2013, the iconic brand moved back to its original digs further up the road with a retro-styled His Master's Voice branch. Now, that branch is also to close, Retail Gazette reports. Read More >>

North Greenwich Tube Station is Getting a New Name

The tube station by The O2 arena is being renamed in 2020, but not to acknowledge that it's the best place to disembark if you're going to see One Direction live. It's being named after a ridiculously fancypants new billion-pound building springing up next door. Read More >>

London’s New Chicken2Me App Claims To Be ‘Uber For Fried Chicken’

If you're in the mood for fried chicken (and we're always in the mood for fried chicken), London's new food finding app might be right in your roost. Chicken2Me, currently an iOS exclusive but coming to Android "soon," maps out all the chicken shops in the capital with ratings and info. Read More >>

Move Over Garden Bridge – London is Getting a Floating Park

Who needs to span over water when you can sit atop it instead? That appears to be the rationale behind a floating park in the Paddington area of London that has just been given the green light by planners. Read More >>

The Next Sculpture In Trafalgar Square Might Be A Terrifying Angel Made of Knives

For the last two years, police forces have been donating knives taken off the streets in a huge amnesty - and the sculpture they've been turned into is now almost ready. The Knife Angel, commissioned by Shropshire's British Ironwork Centre and created by artist Alfie Bradley, is 27 feet high and will contain over 100,000 knives. It's the culmination of a project called 'Save A Life, Surrender Your Knife' which aims to raise awareness of knife crime in the UK. The British Ironwork Centre - in Oswestry, Shropshire - explains: Read More >>

The Sickweather App Gives Germaphobes An Excuse Not To Go Outside

If you need an excuse to sit on the sofa and eat biscuits all day, we've found one: Sickweather, an app that shows you in real-time what nasty bugs are swirling around near you. Using the dubious methodology of scanning social media posts for self-reports of sickness, plus user reports within the app, Sickweather aggregates results on a real-time map so you can see where the illness hotspots are near you. Read More >>

If Your Commute Home Last Night Was Delayed, You Might Literally Be Able to Blame Hitler

Last night was a bit of a nightmare commute for thousands of Londoners, after both the Westminster and Waterloo Bridges were closed off by police following the discovery of an old World War II bomb in the Thames - just meters away from the Houses of Parliament. Read More >>

There’s A Memorial At London Bridge Station To Southern Rail

Sadly, it's not unusual to see a new makeshift memorial spring up in London: cellotaphs, as they're known, formed of piles of flowers and rain-soaked notes on the site of an accident or crime. But people who've been stopping to see what happened at the new one on Tooley Street by London Bridge station might be surprised to find that it's not for a person, but a train company - specifically, crisis-hit Southern Rail. Read More >>

Leon’s New West End Restaurant Is Staffed Entirely By Wannabe Performers

A new restaurant concept by Leon is giving aspiring West End performers a fresh shot at discovery. The "all-singing, all-dancing Leon" opening at 62 Shaftesbury Avenue is right in the heart of London's theatreland, so is a natural choice for a performer's day job while waiting for their big break - a fact the restaurant chain is fully embracing by only hiring performers to work at the branch. Read More >>