A Health-Tracking App Analysed My Blood and Told Me I’m 31 Going on 54

It sounds like a pretty damn good deal: Pay a hundred quid for a blood test and get five simple personalised nutrition tips that promise to shave years off your life. Sold! I tried it. I found, as with any data-based health app, its claims need to be taken with a hulking heap of salt. Read More >>

Why People Keep Trying to Erase the Hollywood Sign From Google Maps

The Hollywood Sign might be one of the most recognisable things on Earth. In Los Angeles, it's also one of the most visible. You can see it from a plane as you glide into LAX. You can see it from a car as you drive up the 101 freeway. But a group of people who live near the sign are trying to hide it, even as it looms in the hills, in plain sight. By removing it from Google Maps. Read More >>

How I Broke My Last Five Phones

I do not have an iPhone anymore. I don't plan to buy another one. I adore Apple's wonderful hunks of glass and aluminium, but I'm like Lennie with a bunny when I have one in my hands: I love it so much and so intensely that I kill it. Read More >>

Egg Freezing: How We Reschedule Nature With Liquid Nitrogen

Egg freezing has recently jumped from an expensive and rare medical procedure to a recognised backup plan for women pushing up against the biological cutoff for conception. But what exactly are you signing up for? Read More >>

virtual reality
So Far the Future of Virtual Reality is Just Lame Ads

Since the 1980s, we've been dreaming about the resplendent future of virtual reality; one day, headgear like the Oculus Rift will be used to pour immersive entertainment into our brains. No part of this dream includes corporate sponsors shellacking our vision with brand messages. But now that the technology is on the cusp of the mainstream, advertising "experiences" are at the forefront of VR development. Read More >>

Brain Training Games, Like Luminosity’s, are Bullshit

Everyone wants to be better: more beautiful, more exciting, more intelligent. It's how the self-help industry thrives, why gyms get swamped after New Year's, why kale is a thing. It's why Lumosity, a company peddling digital games to exercise memory, can charge users $120 (£75) a year and net millions from investors. Read More >>

The Sad, Weird World of Unseen YouTube Videos

Embarrassing open mic nights, topical parodies, gaming tutorials—these are the YouTube videos we know. The ones we replay and the ones we send to our friends, coworkers, families, and everyone we know. But YouTube has another layer. One where view counts sit at zero and bizarre bits of film rot away in indifference. It's a dark, morbidly fascinating world—and it's easy to invade. Read More >>

The Quest to Build an Elevator to Space

Forget buying a stairway to heaven. Serious people are trying to build an elevator to space. Read More >>

My Day on a Petrol-Powered Drift Trike: Like Being a Kid Again, but Better

No grown-up vehicle can match the thrill you felt as a kid on your Big Wheel. Cars and motorcycles are fun, but at day's end they're serious machines. Recapturing that unbridled euphoria requires a dedicated device. And the SFD Industries Drift Trike is the three-wheeled, petrol-powered tool for the job. Read More >>

We Rented a Bonafide Spacesuit for the Day (and Came Away a Few Pounds Lighter)

If you want to experience what it's like to wear a real-life spacesuit, you can go to one of two places: Russia or Brooklyn. (Or, you know, space.) We took the easy route and recently paid a visit to Final Frontier Design in the Brooklyn Navy yard to try on the outfit of an astronaut. Read More >>

ipad apps
Longform App Collects the Internet’s Best Writing on Your iPad

Longform has long been an invaluable resource to everyone who's overwhelmed by all the good stuff there is to read. Longform's new iPad app packages the website's curated blend of old and new non-fiction writing into a mobile-ready interface. Read More >>