Lord Sugar Investigated Over Bizarre Chinese Child “Hate Tweet”

That image there is a joke Lord Sugar thought up and put on the internet. The joke being that underage staff might work in Apple's production lines. It's not a great joke, and if it occurred to Michael McIntyre he probably wouldn't bother writing it down, but is it really racist enough to be described by police as a hate crime? Read More >>

Lord Sugar YouView
Lord Sugar Out, as YouView No Longer Needs a Sweetener

Apparently Lord Sugar's brief was to get YouView to market and shoehorn it into people's homes through his big, bad personality. Now that job's seemingly done, as Sugar's checking out to "focus my time and attention into my other businesses" like, err, The Apprentice. Time well spent, obviously. Read More >>

YouView Loses High Court Battle; Lord Sugar Vs High Court, Fight!

Lord Sugar's budget TV service, YouView, has lost a High Court appeal concerning its trademark. In a screw-up worthy of a hapless contestant on The Apprentice, it's looking increasingly likely that YouView's gonna have to change it's name. Looks like Lord Sugar's gonna be on the other side of the boardroom for once. Read More >>

Despite What Lord Sugar Says, YouView’s Pushing On Hard With In-Home Testing

We heard yesterday that Lord Sugar had essentially panned the YouView set-top box and said it just wasn’t ready for prime time. Although Sugar is technically the boss of YouView, it seems the rest of the YouView folks might disagree somewhat – some boxes are already out in the wild for testing, with thousands more coming soon. Read More >>

Lord Sugar: Don’t Hold Your Breath For YouView

Bad news streaming fans -- those looking forward to a May launch for the "revolutionary" YouView streaming TV service will be sorely disappointed. According to Lord Sugar, it’s not in any shape to launch before the end of 2012, let alone before the Olympics. Read More >>