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CES 2019: This Nifty L’Oreal Sensor Will Suggest Skin Care Tips Based On Your pH Levels

Last year, L’Oreal brought a nifty little UV sensor to CES. The idea was it was supposed to help you monitor your UV exposure and tailor a skin care regimen based on environmental factors. And while it worked as advertised, we found it a little lacking in practice. But this year L’Oreal is one-upping itself with a prototype sensor that can measure your skin’s pH levels. Read More >>

CES 2018: This Tiny Thumbnail Sensor Tells You When to Get Off the Beach Because You’ve Had Too Much Sun

As an adult, my mum is rarely around to remind me to reapply sunscreen when I’m outside. But do you know who still nags me all day long? My smartphone. So L’Oréal has created an incredibly tiny UV sensor you wear on your thumbnail that connects to your smartphone to help you keep track of your exposure to the sun’s rays. Read More >>

How Cosmetics Companies Farm Human Skin to Test Their Products

As you slathered conditioner onto your noggin this morning, you probably weren’t thinking about lab-grown skin coins (if you were, r u ok?). But human skin grown in a lab is a booming business — and how it’s made is a little-known and fascinating story. Read More >>

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Colour-Correcting a 30-Second Beauty Ad is Unbelievably Complex

When it comes to post-production, it's usually the visual effects artists who bring impossible characters to life that get all the attention, not the digital artists responsible for colour-correction. But watching this breakdown of all the work that goes into professionally colour-correcting a L'Oréal Garnier commercial will certainly have you appreciating what a Senior Colourist does, even if their work is still completely invisible to you. Read More >>