Lorry Driver Uses Bridge to Slice Roofs Off Range Rovers

A lorry driver has had a worse and sadder day than is usual even for lorry drivers, after managing to not notice that a bridge in Perth was substantially lower than the top of his load. Read More >>

Volvo Tests Self-Driving Bin Lorry

Some dirty old jobs might soon be automated away if Volvo has anything to do with it, as the lorries and workhorse part of the carmaker group has been testing an autonomous bin lorry. Don't let your children out when it's doing the rounds. Read More >>

Dangerous Lorries Could be Banned from London to Protect Cyclists

London's mayor is spearheading a plan to boot some of the less well designed HGVs out of London, launching an idea that will see lorries checked for safety -- and the most dangerous models with poor driver visibility banned from the city by 2020. Read More >>

Siemens Wants to Electrify the Roads to Charge Electric Lorries

Engineering giant Siemens would like to blend today's technology with a very old form of powering road vehicles, proposing to electrify the roads with overhead power lines to allow lorries to recharge themselves as they fly down the motorways -- then revert to battery power when turning off to make their deliveries. Read More >>

Driverless Lorries Will Hit the M6 This Year

It sounds sort of terrifying, doesn’t it? In his Budget speech this month, George Osborne is expected to confirm that driverless lorries will hit UK roads later this year. According to reports, they’ll be trialled on ‘a quiet stretch’ of the M6 in Cumbria. Read More >>

Paddy Power’s “Edgy” Immigrants Lorry Ad Was Offensive

The "edgy" marketing division of Paddy Power has earned its bosses another embarrassing public rebuke, with a joke about immigrants it whacked on a lorry that was driving through Calais deemed to have been on the wrong side of offensive, what with all the horrific deaths of children and that. Read More >>

Bike-Friendly, Sensor-Laden Delivery Lorry Works for Sainsbury’s in London

This lorry is covered with sensors and has a network of cameras to eliminate all driver blind spots, and arrives as part of an effort to minimise the chances of causing an accident with a cyclist or pedestrian. It rolls out, literally, in London today. Read More >>

Royal Mail Parcels Force Entry Through House Wall

A house on Brockhurst Road in Gosport has got itself a lovely new lorry-sized letterbox in one of its walls, after a Royal Mail lorry smashed into the side of it. The driver was fine and two residents were rescued from upstairs by the local fire brigade. There's no word on whether they received any interesting post today or not. [ITV] Read More >>