Lecture at Los Alamos in 1992: ‘The End of the Soviet Union is the End of Who We Thought We Were’

“Do not buy maps, buy stock in companies that print maps,” Dr Paul Goble told a group at Los Alamos National Laboratory in November of 1992. Read More >>

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These Giant Robot Arms Handle Highly Radioactive Materials

These enormous devices you can see in this fisheye photo are the main parts of remote manipulator arms at the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s radiochemistry hot cell facility, where highly radioactive materials are used to produce isotopes for medical purposes. Just look at the worker below, you can see how massive those arms really are. Read More >>

The World’s Most Powerful Non-Destructive Magnet Screams Like a Banshee

You don't normally associate any kind of sound with a magnet. But apparently that's because the ones stuck to your fridge aren't two million times as powerful as the Earth's magnetic field—like the one the Los Alamos Laboratory just created. Read More >>