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Elon Musk Appears to Be Building Some Sort of Batcave Underneath Los Angeles

According to new plans filed with city officials, the Boring Company is building a car elevator inside the garage of a nondescript house near Los Angeles. The steel shaft is designed to lower a vehicle down to a test tunnel that snakes beneath the city of Hawthorne. And as some jokesters have pointed out, the whole situation sure does make it seem like Elon Musk is building his own Batcave. Read More >>

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Elon Musk Says High-Speed Subway Test Tunnel Will Open December in L.A.

Elon Musk has announced that the test tunnel for his high-speed subway concept will officially open in Los Angeles on December 10. Musk, who made the promise on Twitter last night, said that the public will even get free rides on the roughly 2-mile test route the following day, Tuesday, December 11. Read More >>

Netflix Puts Out £215 Million Offer to Buy Regular Old Billboard Company: Report

Netflix raised eyebrows with the £100 million budget it handed over to Martin Scorsese recently, but according to a Reuters report, it’s looking to pay out a lot more for some billboard real estate. The move could be seen as an escalation of its cold war with Hollywood. Read More >>

Gin Wong, LA Architect Who Inspired The Jetsons, Dies at 94

You may not know the name Gin D. Wong, but you definitely know his work. He’s responsible for some of the most iconic buildings in Los Angeles, including the Theme Building at the Los Angeles Airport (pictured above), and he even inspired the designers of the legendary 1962 animated TV show The Jetsons. Wong died on September 1st at the age of 94. Read More >>

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This Timelapse Turns LA’s Nightmarish Traffic Into the City’s Most Beautiful Feature

Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica; all great reasons to visit Los Angeles that are unfortunately overshadowed by the city’s overwhelming traffic and perpetually-gridlocked highways. But through the lens of Ralph & Randy’s timelapse cameras, LA’s traffic nightmare somehow looks like best reason to head to the West Coast. Read More >>

Los Angeles Subway Expansion Uncovers Mastodon Remains at Least 10,000 Years Old

Last week, a construction project for the Los Angeles subway turned into a scientific excavation after workers uncovered fossilised skull, tooth and tusk fragments from ancient elephant relatives that have been extinct for 10,000 years. Read More >>

The Most Terrifying Glass Slide Ever Opens Atop a Skyscraper

Beware this new Los Angeles attraction if you’re afraid of heights. I know I am because nope. Read More >>

George Lucas Is Taking His Museum Away from Chicago

After a prolonged battle with San Francisco’s NIMBY empire, George Lucas announced two years ago that he would take his giant filmmaking museum project to the friendlier shores of Chicago. Now, after yet another long and protracted battle with Chicago’s NIMBYs, he’s abandoning his plans there, too. Read More >>

Abandoned LA Pier To Be Converted Into Ocean Research Centre

The busiest shipping port in the US will soon be home to even more activity, thanks to plans to open a state-of-the-art ocean research facility by 2023. Read More >>

After a High-Speed Chase in LA, Suspected Burglars Have Time to Pose for Selfies Before Cops Arrive

It’s not really how anyone expected one of LA’s most bizarre police chases to end. Read More >>

Terrifying Skyslide Will Be 1,000 Feet in the Air on the Outside of a Building

With LA’s Wilshire Grand to be crowned as the new tallest building west of the Mississippi, you might expect the former tallest building west of the Mississippi to just sulk into oblivion. No way! The US Bank Tower is one-upping every observation deck on the planet with a soon-to-be-vomit-covered slide. ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING. Read More >>

Man Building £330 Million LA Mansion Also Building “Tinder for Straight Bros” App

One of the largest houses in history is currently being built in Los Angeles. The man who is building it says he will sell it for $500 million (close to £330 million), which would make it the most expensive single-family home ever sold. In the meantime, he made an app for straight men to find other straight men. Read More >>

Students’ Groundbreaking New Earthquake Warning System Could Save a City

Although we’re not 99.9% sure when an earthquake can strike, an earthquake early warning system could help cities take additional precautions and almost certainly save lives. A group of secondary school students are partnering with the US Geological Survey (USGS) to test how it might work. Read More >>

Frank Gehry is the Wrong Architect to Revitalise LA’s River

Last month Los Angeles was promised more than one billion dollars in federal funding to transform its river from a cinematic cement chute to a proper urban waterway. That great news has been eclipsed by a puzzling announcement that the city has tapped architect Frank Gehry to lead the redevelopment. It’s a really bad idea. Read More >>