The National Lottery Results are Returning to Live TV… on ITV

A straw poll of Gizmodo staff revealed that no one really noticed that the lottery results aren't broadcast on TV any more, but that's OK as they are about to be on TV again. Although they're going to be on weird, niche TV. A channel called ITV, if you can find it on your modern streaming setup. Read More >>

Five Number Lottery Winners Bag Life-Unchanging £15

Imagine getting five numbers on the lottery. You might not start planning your Kensington super basement, but still, you'd think there might at least be a cheque big enough to buy a new phone off-contract, a few pairs of trainers, and maybe treat the girlfriend to a meal including both a starter and pudding. Read More >>

Somebody Has to Win the Massive Lotto Jackpot This Saturday

We still haven’t had a Lotto winner since November, and it's certainly not from lack of interest. Last night’s £50.4 million jackpot will roll over to Saturday, when somebody will definitely, definitely claim a huge cash prize. According to Camelot, around 200 tickets were being snapped up per second between 6.30 and 7.30 yesterday evening. The frenzy actually took down its website. Read More >>

Tonight’s £50.4 Million Lotto Jackpot is the Biggest in UK History

Pull on your lucky undies, avoid stepping on any cracks and stand under as many bird-filled trees as possible. For tonight’s £50.4 million Lotto jackpot is the biggest in UK history. Nobody’s won the grand prize since the 18th of November, and Camelot’s new rules mean that somebody has to get lucky this week. Read More >>

National Lottery Changes: What the New Rules Mean for Your Chances of Winning

Most of us have at least imagined what it would be like to win the lottery. Expensive cars, incredible gardens and the greatest football club on earth (Blackburn Rovers). All yours. Wouldn't that be nice? Read More >>

UK National Lottery Change Means You’re Three Times Less Likely to Win the Jackpot

The UK National Lottery is to undergo its biggest change in 21 years, increasing the number of prizes given out but also dramatically reducing a player's chance of winning the top prize jackpot. Sorry dreamers, but you're probably not going to be making that round the world trip any time soon. Read More >>

£108m Euromillions Win Makes Neil Trotter the UK’s 745th Richest Man

We now know the identity of the lucky, lucky person who won last week's Euromillions jackpot. Neil Trotter, a mechanic from Coulsdon in South London, is the first Brit to win the Euromillions jackpot this year -- a whopping £107.9 million. Read More >>

A Glitch Accidentally Told 300 People They Won the Lottery When They Really Didn’t

In what has to be one of the biggest Indian giver moves ever, Danish state run lottery company Danske Spil notified 300 people via email that they just won billions in the lottery... only they really didn't. They were only notified because of a glitch in the system, meaning for half an hour 300 people thought their lives had changed forever. Read More >>