Cats Really Do Bond With Their Humans, Study Finds

It’s a widely held assumption, even by some cat owners, that domestic felines don’t get much socially from being our pets. But a new study out Monday is the latest to suggest that many cats form healthy bonds with their humans, in much the same way as dogs and human babies do. Read More >>

Posh Dating Site Sued Over Lack of Rich Men

A woman who signed up to an exclusive dating site for the super-rich in the hope she might meet a nice man with loads of money and an Instagram chest was disappointed by the size and quality of the gene pool offered, so sued the company. She won, in yet another insult to the few men who made themselves available in 2013. Read More >>

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Birth Control Probably Doesn’t Change Who You’re Attracted to, Study Finds

A commonly touted theory about how women’s attraction to men works might be all wrong, suggests a new paper published this week in Psychological Science. Prior, small experiments have found that birth control pills and ovulation could change a woman’s sexual preferences. Now, a large new study has found that women’s preferences for men’s faces are reliably stable, regardless of whether they’re taking birth control pills or whether they’re ovulating. Read More >>

Man Spams Welsh Beach With Love Messages

Craig Sullivan had an idea about how to find himself a new partner. Instead of trawling dating apps or dogging in motorway service stations he decided on the more romantic option of sending out 2,000 messages in bottles, chucking them in the sea to see if, somehow, his ideal woman might open one up and respond to his appeal for a date. Read More >>

Lady Puffins Basically Holding Everything Together in Puffin Marriages

In the animal kingdom, pretty much everything wants to fuck and/or kill. But puffins—those flying penguin-looking things that live in regions around the North Atlantic—are special in the sense that they typically mate with the same partner for life. They’re even called “soulmate puffins,” which is so mind-numbingly adorable it makes my Grinch heart palpitate. Read More >>

Ashley Madison Can’t Afford to Pay for Its Mistakes

The adultery website Ashley Madison will pay only $1.66 million to settle US federal and state investigations into a 2015 hack that compromised 36 million user accounts while advertising the site was secure. The site’s slogan at the time was, “Life is short. Have an affair.” Read More >>

Woman Goes to Jail for Using a Fake Facebook Account to Frame Ex-Lover 

We shouldn’t have to tell you this: don’t use Facebook to frame your ex-lover for a crime. A woman in Southern California learned this lesson the hard way after she created a phony Facebook profile of her ex-boyfriend to frame him for stalking, kidnapping, and beating her. Read More >>

There’s No Technology That Will Make Your Wife Believe You Love Her

Expressing love is one of the most difficult and important things you can do as a human being. There is no correct way to tell someone you love them, to truly express how much they mean to you. Messages get lost in translation. Wives and husbands feel taken for granted. Communicating clearly with your partner sometimes involves significant time and labour. How do we solve this complex problem of human expression and love? Microsoft engineer Guru Ranganathan wants to do so using, you guessed it, tech. Read more >> Read More >>

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MRI of Mother and Child Shows Love Through The Eyes of Science

MIT neuroscientist Rebecca Saxe captured this stunning MRI image of herself and her child inside a 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging scanner, creating an emotionally striking yet abstract work of art. Read More >>

Trying to Conceive? Have Sex All Month Long, Not Just During Ovulation

Heterosexual couples trying to start a family have tools to tell them when it’s time for baby-making sex: apps can track a woman’s cycle; over-the-counter tests can pinpoint ovulation. But it turns out the sex they’re having the rest of the month could be just as important for starting that bundle of joy. Read More >>

Stop Facebook-Stalking Your Former Squeeze

Breaking up is hard enough on its own, but when both you and your ex hang out on social media you can watch exactly how your (former) best beloved is moving on. A study in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking suggests that it’s probably healthier to click on something like a cat video instead. Read More >>

Is There Really an Equation for Staying in Love?

Psychologists John and Julie Gottman spent years observing couples’ behaviour and developed a method that claims to predict a romantic relationship’s chances of long-term success. They’ve (of course) used what they learned to create a $750 (£486)per-couple workshop that aims to help people become better partners. Read More >>

Here’s What Breaking Up Does to Your Brain

When the love of your life dumps you, you’re going to go a little nuts. But it’s a very specific form of crazy: There are actually conflicting neural systems active inside your brain. It’s like you’re falling in love all over again, only in reverse. Here’s how neuroscience explains it. Read More >>

Valentine’s Day: A Last Minute Guide on Not Spending it With Your Hand

We know, we know -- it's a scam. Overpriced cards, watered down champagne, puke-worthy twee stuff everywhere. But there's no avoiding it -- Valentine's Day is every bit the money-grabbing institution. And, sadly, it's one that half the country seems to have bought into. So, in an attempt to play nice and avoid dying a lonely, bitter husk, you've got to take part. Read More >>

These Are the Songs You Have Sex to, According to Spotify

Music for the bedroom is no longer a case of slipping Barry White on to the record player and dimming the bulbs. More likely, it means firing up a cloud-based playlist and routing it through your Bluetooth speaker. So, perhaps, unsurprisingly, Spotify knows exactly what you're listening to when you do the deed. Read More >>