LoveFilm by Post Reminds You it Still Exists, by Announcing it’s Shutting Down

Back before streaming was a possibility for a lot of people, video rental services decided it would be a good idea to send people discs in the post rather than forcing them to trek to their local Blockbuster and suffer through the rubbish catalogue of films. Read More >>

The Netflix vs. Amazon Video vs. Now TV Battlemodo: Which Streaming Service is Best?

Cheap isn't always cheerful -- and in the world of streaming video, that's especially true. Although, on the face of it, there's several different near-identical video streaming services you can plonk a couple of quid down for, not all were created equal. Read More >>

We Go Hands-On With Amazon Prime Instant Video, and Here’s What’s Changed

Lovefilm Instant is dead, today replaced by Amazon Prime Instant Video, the online retail giant's revised movie and TV streaming service. As it turns out, you'd be forgiven for failing to notice that there's been any update at all. Read More >>

Netflix, Beware: LoveFilm Instant Becomes Amazon Prime Instant Video in the UK

If you like your movie streaming services with added one-day delivery and ebook borrowing options, you're in luck. Amazon has announced that LoveFilm Instant is to be combined with Amazon Prime from February 26th, becoming Prime Instant Video, Britain's "largest subscription streaming service". Read More >>

Six Months of Lovefilm Instant is Your “Only a Tenner?!” Deal of the Day

The weather is appalling at the moment (ignore people who say they like winter -- they're just woollen perverts), so we need to stock up on things that ensure we don't have to leave the house until the temperature gets back to resembling something humane. Read More >>

LoveFilm Instant For iPhone and iPod Touch is Finally Ready to Stream

And about time too, right? Though the LoveFilm Instant streaming app for iPad has been knocking around for ages, until now iPod Touch or iPhone users have been unable to access the service's library on the go. That all changes today with the launch of a free LoveFilm Instant app dedicated to those platforms. Read More >>

First Wave of UK Xbox One Apps Revealed Alongside Rewards for Watching TV

While we may not be initially getting the full-suite of TV viewing features that our pals over the pond will be able to play with on the Xbox One, Microsoft has still secured a number of TV streaming apps for UK gamers to mess about with come the November 22nd launch. And you may even get rewards for your couch-potato behaviour. Read More >>

Man V. Food Hitting LoveFilm Soon

Want to sate your obsession for seeing a man face off against insane amounts of American food? Well, now you can, thanks to LoveFilm, which has just bagged the rights to stream shows from Scripps Networks and its Food Network and Travel Channel in the UK. Man v. Food Nation, Bizarre Foods and Restaurant: Impossible, as well as a boatload of cooking shows, should be able to satisfy your inner foodie. [LoveFilm] Read More >>

Save a Few Quid With Amazon’s Prime and LoveFilm Instant Bundle

Amazon's put together a nice little bundle for those of you who need your stuff and need your stuff NOW, pairing a LoveFilm Instant subscription with an Amazon Prime membership and shaving £29 of the price of getting them in the process. Read More >>

LoveFilm Begins Phasing Out Video Game Rentals

LoveFilm appears to be edging away from offering video game rentals, with the company changing its packages to deny new customers the option to have game discs sent to them as part of their bundle. Read More >>

LoveFilm vs Netflix vs Now-TV vs Blinkbox Review Smackdown
The Netflix vs. LoveFilm vs. Now TV vs. Blinkbox Shoot-Out: Which One is Worth Your Money?

Now that Tesco's big investment in Blinkbox is finally paying off, ramped up its content and being pushed out to more devices, it’s time to have a look at what we can actually get from the PAYG-only service, and compare it to what our original streamers, LoveFilmNetflix and Now TV, are currently offering. Read More >>

These Are the Original Pilots Amazon Is Going to Make Into Series

Amazon has decided on the five pilots it will turn into full series — Alpha House, Betas, Annebots, Creative Galaxy, and Tumbleleaf — have all officially gotten the green light. Read More >>

A Staggering 40 Per Cent of Peak EU Internet Traffic Is Just Us Streaming Telly and Films

The demand for "real time" streaming media is pushing ISPs like never before, with new stats claiming an average 40 per cent of all peak internet traffic in Europe is generated by demand for music and video streams. And in some countries it accounts for as much as half of all network traffic. Read More >>

Six Months of Lovefilm Instant for a Tenner is Your “Endless Fun While Home Alone” Deal of the Day

Remember when we all used to sit down and watch a TV show or film at the time of broadcast? You do? How old are you then -- a hundred and eleventy??? Read More >>

Streaming media problems
This is the Single Biggest Problem With Every Streaming Service to Date

Streaming is all the rage. No one seems to want to own anything anymore when it comes to media, or is it that no one wants to sell it to you? Either way, streaming is where it's at, whether it's Spotify, Netflix, LoveFilm or Now TV. But there's a big problem with all of them, and it's just reared its ugly head again. Read More >>