Lovejoy Will Star in Game of Thrones Season 6

Ian McShane, AKA "The Man Previously Known as TV's Lovejoy", is heading to Westeros for season six of Game of Thrones. The veteran British actor has been signed up for a most-mysterious role in the hit fantasy TV series, as the show prepares to venture into completely uncharted territory, with no further novels from franchise creator George R.R. Martin to work from. Read More >>

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This Celestial Show is So Crowded it Almost Looks Unreal

There are not three, four or five, but six different night sky phenomena visible in this amazing astrophoto taken by Petr Horálek, European Southern Observatory's photo ambassador. Read more > Read More >>

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The Most Amazing View of a Comet Ever

When the Commander of the International Space Station says he just saw "the most amazing thing I have ever seen in space," you know you're in for something incredible. We've never seen a view of a comet like this. Read More >>

Watch Comet Lovejoy Playing With Fire and Surviving

Rejoice, for comet Lovejoy has survived its close encounter with the Sun! NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory has captured the exact moment it went close in behind the Sun, then out again on the other side, surprisingly more or less intact. Read More >>