Lucifer’s First Netflix Promo is Playful and a Little Racy

Lucifer, like many shows before it, is finding a second life in streaming, and the first promo for the Satan-starring TV show is eager to seize the moment Netflix has provided it. Read More >>

The Best and Worst Afterlives in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

The concept of a great beyond, whether heavenly or hellish, exists across so many fictional universes—be they part of belief systems or, more often than not in the realms of sci-fi and fantasy, actual planes of existence. We've gather up a few our of favourite afterlives. Read More >>

Lucifer Has Been Saved From Cancellation Hell By Netflix

Remember how we were going to lose a bunch of genre shows at the end of this TV season, Lucifer included? Well, now we’re not, because they’re being saved by other places plucking them out of cancellation... Lucifer included. Read More >>

The Next Season of Lucifer Promises a ‘Deeper Dive Into Devilishness’

The Lucifer panel began with a teaser reel showing snippets of the shenanigans we’ll see in the show’s four upcoming standalone episodes, which will air ahead of season three this fall. There’ll be partying, fighting, Vegas mischief, and at least one scene involving the juggling of breast implants. Read More >>