CES 200: Poo-Spotting Cameras Could Be This Robovac’s Secret Weapon

The biggest problem with even the smartest robovacs is that they’re not actually that smart. They can navigate your home and avoid collisions with large pieces of furniture, but smaller obstacles, like hazards left behind by pets, they’ll simply plough right through creating even larger messes. Lucy, a new robot vacuum from a company called Trifo, thinks an extra camera, and AI powered smarts, could finally put an end to encounters of the turd kind. Read More >>

Trump Targets 17-Year-Old Girl’s Cat Site Because Everything is Stupid (Updated)

Update: We've done some digging and all the facts don't really add up. It's an easy story to fall for, given the Trump Organisation's track record, but we'll endeavour to do better in future Read More >>

Skeletal Analysis Suggests Lucy Died After Falling From a Tree

The world’s most famous human ancestor, an extinct hominid named Lucy, died after falling from a tall tree, according to scientists. It’s a revelation that points to tree-dwelling behaviour in recent evolutionary history, but some scientists aren’t convinced. Read More >>

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How the “10 Per Cent of Our Brains” Myth Started (And Why it’s Wrong)

Morgan Freeman can make anything sound legit no matter scientifically implausible. In Lucy for example, which premièred last Friday, his character cites the "fact" that humans only use about 10 per cent of our brain's resources. This is very, very wrong! But why does it keep getting tossed around? And how much of our brains are we actually using? Read More >>