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British Airways is Flogging a Pricey RFID Tag for Your Luggage in Case it Loses It

In a ballsy move that takes the onus off airways to actually do their job and look after your luggage, British Airways has unveiled a digital tag that will ensure it finds its way back to you. Read More >>

TSA Says New Tech Will Maybe, Someday Let You Keep Your Laptop in Your Bag

After three British men conspired to detonate liquid explosives aboard a transatlantic flight in 2006 – a plan thwarted weeks ahead of its execution – airports have cracked down on items travelers are allowed to carry through security, from bottled water to more recently introduced rules for smartphones and laptops. But a new scanner introduced at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport signals a future where you might be able to leave things like your MacBook and a bottle of water in your carry-on bag as you weave through security checkpoints. Read More >>

A Baby Buggy Magically Pops Out of This Carry-On Luggage

There’s no such thing as packing light when you’re travelling with kids. But a new carry-on suitcase not only has room for packing a baby’s travel necessities, there’s also a pop-out buggy seat hidden away inside it, leaving you with one less thing to drag through an airport. Read More >>

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Disturbing Crash Test Footage Shows Why You Should Strap Down Luggage in Your Car

You obviously need to strap down the luggage you put on the roof of your car, but as this crash test footage from Switzerland’s Dynamic Test Center shows, you might also want to strap down the bags in the back of your estate. In an impact, pieces of luggage becomes flying missiles targeted at the vehicle’s passengers. [YouTube via Core77] Read More >>

Travelling With a See-Through Suitcase Will Force You to Pack Neatly

You know that embarrassing feeling when security flags you for a carry-on inspection, and you have to open your messy suitcase in front of all your fellow travellers? Sucks. But Crumpler’s new Vis-à-Vis suitcase is completely clear, which means you’ll either learn to pack neat, or learn to be proud of being a packing slob. Read More >>

The Greatest Innovation in Travel Lets You Drag Your Suitcase With No Hands

You can never have enough free hands at the airport for juggling your boarding pass, your passport, your coffee, your snacks, and your carry-on bag. The solution to that problem came to amateur inventor Robert Lian while he was waiting for a flight one day. What about a plastic tail that let travellers tow their luggage like a trailer? Read More >>

Luggage Made From Recycled Aeroplane Seats Might Just Be Indestructible

When you think of the daily abuse that aeroplane seats have to endure, it’s a minor miracle they aren’t torn to shreds after just a week of air travel. The fabrics used for the upholstery must be just short of indestructible, so it makes sense to eventually recycle those materials into bags and backpacks that can easily survive your daily commute. Read More >>

This Robot Luggage Handler Will Give You More Time to Get Patted Down by Security

Every airline claims it has a better solution for the logistical hellscape that is checked luggage, from fancy new RFID tags to charging over the odds to deter the practice entirely. But the only way to never lose a bag again is to completely automate the process. Which is exactly what this adorable robot is designed to do. Read More >>

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How Do Checked Bags Actually Get on the Aeroplane?

A tag, a plastic bin, a metal chassis, and a six mile trek from the moment you check your bag at the counter until it gets on the plane. That’s pretty much all there is too it. Well, of course there are a lot of scanners shooting off to match up your luggage tag to the number on the bin and chassis and there are a lot of machines working to x-ray your luggage and there are a lot of wheels spinning to zip your luggage around at crazy speeds in the right direction. So hmm, I guess there’s actually a lot to it. Read More >>

Why on Earth is an Airline Spending £34 Million on Bag-Tracking Technology?

The US’s busiest airline just spent $50 million (£34m) on tech that promises to more efficiently route your checked luggage to its destination. By the end of the year, all Delta Airlines flights will be tracking bags using RFID, or radio frequency identification. But can RFID really solve one of the most annoying things about air travel? Read More >>

Making This Batmobile Suitcase Only Sized For Kids Was a Big Mistake

When buying luggage you shouldn’t choose based on what looks nicest, you should choose bags that are going to stand out on that airport baggage carousel. And when was the last time you saw a miniature Batmobile circling the carousel after a flight? It’s just too bad this suitcase is only designed for kids. Read More >>

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Pack This Rolling BB-8 Suitcase For Your Next Trip to Tatooine

Like the Empire’s seemingly unending supply of Death Stars, Disney continues to roll out new Star Wars merchandise ahead of its upcoming licence-to-print-money known as The Force Awakens. You probably don’t need a tiny carry-on suitcase shaped like BB-8, but when has a lack of need ever stopped you from spending? Read More >>

These Pantone Bags Put Some Designer Colour on Your Back

If you need a little more colour in your luggage selection, one of these Pantone bags from Redland London could be just the trick. Don’t worry: they come in more than just the primary colours. Read More >>

There’s Finally an Adult Version of that Rideable Trunki Suitcase

Trunki is a wildly popular ride-on suitcase for kids, famously rejected by the Dragons in BBC's Den, which has since sold millions worldwide. If you are familiar with it, you’ve probably been incredibly jealous of seeing kids zooming through airports on one. But be jealous no more, because an adult version is finally here. Read More >>