The World at War on Blu-Ray Is Your World-War-II-In-Eye-Bleeding-Detail Deal of the Day

There’s a whole host of gaming-flavoured offers for you to peruse today, but we’re putting them all together in the listy bit that comes underneath this bit. For today, we deal not in gaming fantasy but actual reality. Read More >>

You’ll Soon Be Able to Wi-Fi Tether Your Nokia Lumia

Good news Lumia owners -- you’ll soon be able to tether your Lumia 800 or 710 for a bit of mobile broadband on-the-go, if the networks don’t crush it of course. Nokia’s announced that it’s bringing the personal hotspot capability that’s baked into most smartphones these days as an update to its current line, while its new Lumia 900 flagship will launch with it. Read More >>

Skyrim on the Cheap Is Your Steam-Powered Time Sink Deal of the Day

Statistics just made up by ourselves over there in the corner suggest that over 76 million man-hours have been lost to Skyrim since it was released towards the end of last year – enough to write the complete works of Shakespeare on 400,000 grains of rice. Read More >>

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Nokia Lumia 710 Lightning Review: Windows Phone On a Budget Isn’t Bad at All

Nokia’s first Windows Phone effort was met with decent reviews, but not exactly staggering sales. Networks even complained about the cost of the Lumia 800. Now Nokia’s hoping to win the hearts and minds of the budget-conscious, Windows Phone-craving crowd with its cheaper Lumia 710, but is it any good? Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 710 UK Release Rumoured For January 6th, But Does Anyone Still Care?

Having been announced alongside Nokia's current flagship the Lumia 800, the cheaper 710 didn't exactly blow our minds at the time, let alone well over a month later. Regardless, online retailer has the release date set for the 6th of January, so if you're after a cheaper Windows Phone 7.5 device then it might be worth checking out. [Digital Phone via SoMobile via Unwired View] Read More >>

Why Nokia’s Windows Phones Are Better Than Good Enough

Nokia just announced two Windows Phone handsets. The first "true" Windows Phones, the company says—and makes a pretty convincing case that they are. But rather than making everyone hot and bothered, Lumia seems to be leaving people cold. Here's why that's wrong. Read More >>

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Leaks: These Are the Windows Phones Nokia Is Announcing Tomorrow

WinRumors got its hands on the screenshots of marketing materials for the two Windows Phone handsets Nokia will announce tomorrow, and a (slightly dubious) specsheet of a third has also leaked. And it looks like they may be just what WP fans have hoped for. Read More >>