Sod the iPhone 4S, Siri Thinks Nokia’s Lumia 900 Is the Best Smartphone Ever

What's the best smartphone ever? That's a difficult question; there are quite a few pretty decent phones around at the moment. You've got the HTC One series; Samsung's new incoming Galaxy S III; LG's Optimus 4XHD; not to mention the iPhone 4S. But according to Siri, none of the others make the grade -- it's all about Nokia's Lumia 900. Read More >>

Microsoft Is Bringing “Smoked By Windows Phone” to the Mean Streets of the UK

Nokia brought its Windows Phone challenge to London once, but now Microsoft wants to bring its pretty obnoxious “smoked by Windows Phone” challenge to the rest of Britain. Thankfully Microsoft’s wisely been a tad more subtle for the UK and branded it “Dare to Live” – win and you claim £20; lose and you have to complete a “dare”. Read More >>

Nokia Takes “Smoked By Windows Phone” to the Mean Streets of London

After Microsoft’s “Smoked by Windows Phone” promotion backfired badly the other day, you’d think Nokia might want to steer well clear, but oh no. Nokia’s taking its version, the “Lumia Challenge”, out on the streets of London for Britons to have a crack at it. Read More >>

Magical Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Rejuvenating Update Out Now in the UK

The latest Lumia 800 software update that has had some users raving about a near tripling of uptime is now available here, with a couple of UK networks the first in line to see the European launch hit. Read More >>

You’ll Soon Be Able to Wi-Fi Tether Your Nokia Lumia

Good news Lumia owners -- you’ll soon be able to tether your Lumia 800 or 710 for a bit of mobile broadband on-the-go, if the networks don’t crush it of course. Nokia’s announced that it’s bringing the personal hotspot capability that’s baked into most smartphones these days as an update to its current line, while its new Lumia 900 flagship will launch with it. Read More >>

Latest Nokia Lumia 800 Update “Triples” Battery Life

The poor old Lumia 800 looks like it'll finally be over its launch glitches, thanks to the newest firmware update -- which early installers are reporting to work wonders on the phone's already battered battery. Read More >>

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Watch the Nokia Lumia 800 Survive Hypersonic Wind Speeds Over 3,600MPH

I’m not sure why you’d want to do it, but the Nokia fanboys over at NokNok decided to see if the Lumia 800 survived at hypersonic, Mach 5 wind speeds – that’s over 3,600mph. Surprisingly it did, and seemed to work all right afterwards too. Read More >>

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Ever Wondered What the Nokia Lumia 800 Running Ice Cream Sandwich Would Look Like?

Wonder no more -- the N9, basically Nokia’s Lumia 800 just with MeeGo on it, is now running Android 4.0 and it’s been caught on video. Now you can see for yourself what a modern Nokia phone running Android would be like, if Nokia hadn’t gotten into bed with Microsoft. Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Fix Now Available

The curious case of the dwindling battery capacity of Nokia's Lumia 800 phone is about to be solved, thanks to Nokia releasing its previously promised software update. Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 800 “Software Problem” Limiting Battery Life

Nokia has addressed user complaints regarding the Lumia 800's battery, saying that a problem with the way "certain variants" of the 800 manage power can stop the phone using its full battery capacity. Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 800 Sales Barely More Than Basic “Touch and Type” Phones

Ouch. Nokia's not doing so great with its new flagship Lumia 800, even with a £20m advertising budget. According to the FT, the Lumia 800 didn't even break into the top ten phones sold in the UK, and barely sold more than its basic "Touch and Type" phones -- those feature-class phones with a touchscreen and numeric keypad. Read More >>

Limited Edition Dark Knight Rises Nokia Lumia 800 Caught in the Flesh

Nokia's doing a limited release of a special Dark Knight Rises edition of the Lumia 800. There are only 40 being made with the laser etched logo on the back, so unfortunately you're not going to be able to trot down to your local Phones 4U to pick one up. But the eagle-eyed Jon Choo managed to sneak a few shots ahead of the Batman preview in London today. Read More >>

Got a Nokia Lumia 800? Check For Updates

Nokia's in the process of rolling out an update to its current flagship Windows Phone 7 device, the Lumia 800. It's a minor one, no massive changes, although it should help out on the battery-sucking front a little, as the update provides power efficiency improvements. Read More >>

Weird Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Issue. Am I the Only One?

So I've been using a Lumia 800 for a few weeks now, and mostly I'm loving it. Two big problems though—both battery-related: 1) Once you get a bunch of live-updated, location-aware apps, the battery goes to shit. Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 800 Running With Artificially Limited Battery Capacity?

Something a bit fishy is going on over at the official Nokia forums. A post addressing complaints about the Lumia 800's battery life by a Nokia staffer was mysteriously altered after letting slip that it's currently only using 1300mAh of its 1450mAh battery. Read More >>