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This Is What the Awesome New Windows Phone 8 Start Screen Will Look Like on a Nokia

We were really impressed by Microsoft's fancy new Start Screen for Windows Phone 8 -- heck, it could even be the best home screen ever. Now you can see why, as Microsoft's showing off an early version of Windows Phone 7.8 on a Nokia Lumia 900. Read More >>

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Lumias Get Screwed By Windows Phone 8 But Lumia 900 Will Get 7.8 Within Weeks

The first chance to see some Windows Phone 8 features may come to those who've bought Nokia's Lumia 900, with the high-end WP model set to get its update to the stop-gap 7.8 version of the software within weeks. Read More >>

Giant Smartphones in Skinny Jeans: A Photoshoot

Huge smartphones are, against all sanity, in—and they're only getting bigger. And phones are getting smaller. Can humans and the big phones of today coexist? Read More >>

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A Batman-Themed Lumia 900 Will Turn Things Around for Windows Phone, Won’t it?

A bizarre limited edition version of the amazing Lumia 900 is available for pre-order in the UK, which sees the high-end Nokia Windows Phone model appear with a Batman logo on the back and a pile of "content" from the film pre-loaded inside. Read More >>

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The Nokia Lumia 900 Makes For a Surprisingly Good Hammer

Apparently Nokia's new flagship, the Lumia 900, is as hard as nails, literally. Having tested the phone's glass and found it to be super tough, the next logical step is see how it would hold up against a couple of nails and a hammer, obviously. Read More >>

According to The Ingenious Wit of Siri, The iPhone 4S is King Again (Updated)

It was only a few days ago when we asked Siri the fateful question, "What's the best smartphone ever?", to which our faithful assistant replied with, er, the Nokia Lumia 900. But now, it seems Siri has the answer to that question with a varied amount of witty and humorous responses. Read More >>

Absolutely Desperate to Get Your Mitts On a Brand New Nokia Lumia 900 Early? You’re In Luck

Despite the fact that it was delayed and wasn't set to land on our shores until Monday, it looks like at least one retailer in the UK has had an early shipment of Nokia's newest flagship the Lumia 900, and instead of sitting on them, it's flogging them right now in-store and online. Read More >>

The Best Display Under Bright Light: It’s Not Your iPhone

Brightness ratings and contrast ratio make for lovely tech spec reading when you're shopping for a new device. But neither tells you how usable a display will actually be in everyday ambient light situations. So DisplayMate put some of the more popular options to the test. Read More >>

Woz: Nokia’s Lumia 900 Apps Are “More Beautiful” Than Apple and Android’s Best

Some shock words have come out of the brain of Steve Wozniak, the former Apple man and renowned technology enthusiast. He's loving his Lumia 900, giving Nokia one of the best, free, pieces of publicity it's had in years. Read More >>

Lumia 900 Dated For May 14, Also Available in White

Nokia's internationally successful Lumia 900 now has an official UK launch date, with Phones 4U claiming it'll be first to start selling the latest Windows Phone model from May 14. Read More >>

Nokia Product in “Overwhelming Demand” Shock

The UK launch of Nokia's Lumia 900 has been delayed due to, you won't believe this, huge demand for the phone from US buyers. That's what Nokia says, anyway. Read More >>

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Microsoft Is Losing Mobile Subscribers Faster Than It Can Gain Them

When you run the numbers on Microsoft's mobile platform, it doesn't look good. Despite the debut of Windows Phone 7 about a year and a half ago, the company is losing mobile users faster than it can add them. Read More >>

Lumia 900 Costs More to Build Than the iPhone 4S

The Lumia 900 is a hell of a phone. Plus, it should be pretty cheap once it lands in the UK. But it's not for lack of quality parts: iSuppli crunched the numbers and determined it costs around £136 to build and manufacture. That's more than the iPhone. Read More >>

Trouble For Nokia as a Lumia 900 Software Glitch Cuts Off Data

Nokia’s big flagship launch hasn’t gone all that well over in the states. It got the party right, even the price, but apparently it didn’t get the software right. Nokia’s confessed its newest kid on the block has an infuriating problem with its data connection, but all it needs is a software fix. Read More >>

You’ll Be Able to Get Your Grubby Mitts on the Nokia Lumia 900 From April 27th In the UK

Perhaps you’ve been looking for a slightly bigger and faster version of the Lumia 800 to sate your massive hands, or maybe Nokia’s sparked your desire with its Easter launch party. At any rate you can now sink your pre-order cash for an April 27th delivery to your door and get it before the month is out. Read More >>