Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Camera Versus the Competition

Last month, we tested the best smartphone cameras out there and declared the HTC One's ultrapixel camera the master of all. Now it's time to see how the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Sony Xperia Z measure up. Read More >>

Rumour: Lighter Aluminium Nokia Lumia 920 Update Pictured

Leaked photos of a polished Nokia smartphone have appeared online, showing what may well be a lighter high-spec Lumia model that's dropped some of the weight of the extremely hefty Lumia 920. Read More >>

The Best Smartphone Camera

Along with the HTC One, a zillion new smartphones are going to be announced next week at Mobile World Congress, each promising camera advancements that may or may not live up to the hype. Before we get there, though, we wanted to take stock of how good the cameras are in the smartphones you can buy now. Here's how the flagships measure up. Read More >>

Report: Nokia Might Release a Lighter Lumia

Good news for your brittle bird bones—Nokia is apparently working on a new batch of Lumias for 2013, and they're supposed to be much lighter. Read More >>

Fruit Ninja real knife Lumia 920
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Man Shows It’s Totally Possible to Play Fruit Ninja With a Real Knife

Fruit Ninja just a bit too dull for you? How about adding the slicing-danger of a real knife. Apparently it's actually possible, on a Lumia 920 anyway. Watch as a man amazingly survives will all his fingers intact after a frantic real-knife Fruit Ninja session, and gets a little bit too excited about the whole thing in the process. Read More >>

Nokia’s Camera and Imaging Chief Has Stepped Down

According to a statement released by the company, Damien Dinning, the Lead Program Manager for Nokia's Smart Devices business, has quit. Following stints at Eastman Kodak and Minolta UK, Dinning joined Nokia in 2004 and was considered to be the person behind the advanced camera technology used in the company's smartphones. Read More >>

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Nokia Lumia 920 Versus a Car

Drop tests? Pah, who simply drops their phone these days? I mean, the number of times I've run over my phone with my car, but no one tests for that, right? Having survived loads of other tests, some guy intent on destroying his Lumia 920, took it to 'the next level'. Phone versus car; who will win? Read More >>

Is Your Nokia Lumia 920’s Battery Draining Too Fast?

According to the folks populating the WPCentral forums, Nokia's new flagship Lumia 920 is having some pretty serious battery issues. Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 920 Available SIM-Free From Tomorrow

If you've got a huge, 920-shaped hole in your heart and can't afford to pay for a 4G contract/don't want to be shackled to 4GEE for two whole years, then listen up, cos the SIM-free Lumia's landing tomorrow (with a big bump). Read More >>

lightning review
Lumia 920 Review: Just Too Damn Heavy

Windows Phone 8 is lovely, and the Lumia 920 is supposed to be the Ultimate Windows Phone. Sadly, the handset we've been excited about for so long is just too fat to love. Read More >>

The Lumia 920’s PureView Camera Passes the Russian RC Car Test

When it comes to phone cameras, the Lumia 920's PureView is proving to be pretty awesome at low-light shots, but how good is that Optical Image Stabilisation? A couple of Russians with a 920, a Galaxy S III, and an RC car ran a little experiment to find out. Turns out it's nothing to sneeze at. Read More >>

How the iPhone 5 Stacks Up to the Competition

The new iPhone is finally here. Yes, people would line up to buy it even if it was made of bottle-caps and dog-poo, but it isn't. It's predictably a very good phone. How good? Let's see how it compares to the top competition. Read More >>

Yep, the Lumia 920’s PureView Camera Is Awesome

Here's a side-by-side-by-side of the Nokia Lumia 920's PureView camera up against the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S III. It's pretty darn impressive. Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 920 Hands On: You Really Want This Thing — But Enough to Switch?

The Lumia 920 is wonderful. It's smooth and fast and sleek and has a ton of future-is-here features. But the question for Nokia is, is it enough? Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 920: Now With Built-In Gifs

At Nokia's unveiling of the Lumia 920 it announced that the phone now has a built-in gif app — Nokia Cinemagraph. How amazing is that? Sharing animations with your friends just got better. Provided that they get this phone too. Read More >>