The Samsung S8 Dex Dock Works With Old Microsoft Lumia Phones

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the company included a new feature designed to turn your phone into a desktop PC. Called "Dex", the idea is that you can plug your S8 into a dock, connect a screen, keyboard and mouse, and have a desktop-style user experience. Read More >>

Microsoft is Selling Off its Feature Phone Division

Microsoft has announced that it’s selling its feature phone division to Foxconn for the princely sum of $350 million (£243m). Read More >>

Brace Yourself For a New Microsoft Lumia 650 as a Work Phone

Microsoft has just gone and announced a new phone in the shape of the Lumia 650, a device it claims is “the smart choice for your business”. Just cross your fingers that your IT guys don’t agree. Read More >>

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Lumia 550 is a Cheap-as-Chips Windows 10 Phone

If for some strange reason you need a new Windows phone but don’t have a big budget, the Lumia 550 is likely the thing for you. Being marketed at just £90 SIM-free, it’s the cheapest Windows 10 handset on the market. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Apparently Scrapped the Surface Phone For a Surface Phone

It’s been doing the rounds on the rumour mill for far too long, but it just isn’t going away. Actually, it did, but now it’s back again. A Surface Phone is reportedly in the works, but it’s apparently very different to the Surface Phone we were previously led to believe was coming. That one’s believed to have been scrapped, but the idea’s still alive. Still with me? Read More >>

Microsoft’s New Lumia 950 and 950 XL are Windows 10-Chomping Smartphone Monsters

Today we’re getting our first look at Microsoft’s first Windows 10 Lumia smartphones. The first real attempt by Microsoft to build on the proud, if somewhat under-accomplished tradition of Nokia Windows Phones. Read More >>

How to Livestream Microsoft’s Jam-Packed Surface Pro 4 Event This Afternoon

Up to much later? Microsoft is. In fact, the company’s set to reveal loads of new Windows 10 devices at a New York event this afternoon, and you can watch all the action unfold live. Read More >>

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Windows 10 Hardware Event Rumour Roundup: This is Microsoft’s Next Generation

Think of all the hardware Microsoft makes that’s not a peripheral. What you’re thinking is probably getting some kind of update announced today. That includes the wonderful Surface Pro laptop/tablet, but also the Microsoft Band and two new Lumias (finally). And maybe even a surprise or two, just to keep us guessing. Read More >>

Here’s What Microsoft’s Next Big Phones Might Look Like

Windows Phone enthusiasts have been waiting years — in mobile phone time, decades — for the launch of a new flagship device that can go toe-to-toe with the iPhones and Galaxies of the world. Well, thanks to the @evleaks Twitter account, we’ve got a good look at the two new Lumias Microsoft is supposedly announcing in October, and things are looking fan-freaking-tastic. Read More >>

This is Microsoft’s Cancelled McLaren “3D Touch” Windows Phone

Video has emerged of a prototype Microsoft/Nokia Windows Phone model, one codenamed "McLaren" that was supposed to be a high-end model to replace the Lumia 1020 and offer a new 3D Touch interface option. It never came out, obviously, else we'd remember not buying it. Read More >>

The Lumia 640 and 640 XL Continue Microsoft’s Budget Smartphone Ambitions

Yesterday was a big day in the mobile world, and saw the announcements of the much anticipated flagships from Samsung and HTC. They're are going to be more on the expensive side, though, and if you need to keep your bank account in the black then Microsoft's Lumia 640 and 640 XL are here to help. Read More >>

Lumia 435: The Cheapest Lumia Yet

Since Microsoft took control of Nokia's Lumia line, it's been pushing to make the phone range more affordable. Now, it's released the cheapest Lumia yet. Say hello to the 435, which costs just €69 (£53.41). Read More >>