Panasonic’s First Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras Are Big Expensive Beasts

First, it was the Nikon Z7, then came the Canon EOS-R, and now Panasonic is officially joining the ranks of full-frame mirrorless camera makers with its brand new Lumix S cameras. Read More >>

CES 2018: Panasonic Cut the Lumix GH5S’ Resolution in Half to Get Even Better Low-Light Images

Panasonic’s Lumix GH5 is already one of the top picks for people who want mirrorless camera that captures high quality 4K video. So what could the company possibly do to make it even better? Apparently, it seems the answer is to slash its megapixels in half. Read More >>

Panasonic’s Lumix GH4 Packs 4K Video into a Tidy Mirrorless Shooter

Accessible 4K video shooting is still in its infancy, but it was only a matter of time before it started showing up in consumer cameras. The Panasonic GH line's history of robust video capability makes it a natural fit for 4K, and the new Lumix GH4 squeezes as much as it can into a familiar frame. Read More >>

Panasonic GX7: This Could Be a Mirrorless Dream Come True

With the Lumix GX7, Panasonic has created a pretty spectacular-looking hybrid of all the mirrorless, interchangeable-lens camera technology the company has been developing over the last few years. We can't wait. Read More >>

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70: Zoomier Than Any Point-and-Shoot Camera Ever

What you're looking at here is the zoomiest point-and-shoot camera ever made. The Panasonic Lumix DMX-FZ70's f/ 2.8, 20-1200mm lens offers up to 60x optical magnification. The previous top zooms only hit the 50x mark. That's a lot of zoom. Look at that freaking lens. Read More >>

Panasonic Lumix G6 : A Micro Four Thirds for Video Junkies

Panasonic has announced a brand-new mid-range Micro Four Thirds camera, the Lumix G6. It offers up a solid list of specs—and should appeal to fans of shooting video in particular. Read More >>

Panasonic’s Beginner-Friendly Lumix GF6 Brings Wi-Fi to Micro Four Thirds

After last week's leak, Panasonic has officially announced its new Lumix GF6: a major overhaul to last year's GF5, which makes for an impressive-looking entry-level Micro Four Thirds camera. Read More >>

Leaked Hands-On Reveals New Beginner-Friendly Lumix GF6

A leaked hands-on by TechRadar reveals Panasonic's new Lumix GF6: a beginner-friendly interchangeable lens shooter, that fills a gap between compact point-and-shoots and more complex mirrorless and DSLR cameras. Read More >>

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Panasonic Lumix G5 Review: Small, Mirrorless, Lots of Control

With all the retro-styled mirrorless cameras today, the traditional DSLR form factor seems relegated to nothing but, well, DSLRs. The Panasonic G5 is a mirrorless camera clinging hard to the classic DSLR mold. But it's smaller — and much cheaper. Read More >>

Panasonic Lumix GH3: The Hacker’s HD Video Camera Gets Its Bits Juiced

A whole community of filmmakers—amateur and pros alike—turned the Panasonic GH2 into a surprisingly successful camera. It turned out, that with a simple to execute hack, you could use the camera to record ultra-sharp 100-Mbps+, 1080p HD video. The results were spectacular. With the new GH3, Panasonic has beefed up its stock camera to look more like the powerful hack. Read More >>

Panasonic Leaks Video of Its Stunning New Lumix GH3

Though it's not yet been officially announced, Panasonic has posted — accidentally or otherwise — a video of its new Lumix GH3 micro four-thirds camera onto YouTube. And things look promising. Read More >>

Panasonic Lumix LX-7: A Gorgeous, Darkness-Assassinating Camera That Fits In Your Pocket

In 2010 the Panasonic LX-5 was a glorious pocket camera — it still is. It offers fully-manual controls for the enthusiast photogs that want them, superb image quality, and beautiful Leica-styling to boot. Though it sticks with the slick look, the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX-7 is more than a spec-bump; it's a faster, more evolved iteration of its 2010 predecessor. Read More >>

Panasonic Lumix GF5 Micro Four Thirds Camera Leaked

We like the Panasonic Micro Four Thirds, so it's exciting to see the new Panasonic GF5 leaked on Instagram. Its shape looks similar to the GF3. Read More >>

More From Panasonic Including a Lumix Smartphone Is On the Way

We saw Panasonic unveil its Eluga yesterday, and although it’s a looker (see above), we were a tad disappointed by its weakish specs. But it seems that’s just the first of a range of Euro-centric smartphones headed our way including a Lumix-branded and more premium models, which we’ll see at MWC next week. Read More >>

The Panasonic Lumix Phone 101P Might Not Suck at Being a Camera or a Phone

Oh Japan, why do you always get the coolest stuff first? This phone looks amazing. It's like a Panasonic Lumix camera and an Android phone had a baby. And it's waterproof? Gimme now. Read More >>