NASA Wants £1.2 Billion to Send First Woman to the Moon By 2024

NASA is requesting an additional $1.6 billion (around £1.2 billion) in funding for next year to accelerate its manned mission to the Moon by 2024, which the agency revealed will be titled Artemis, the New York Times reported on Monday. Read More >>

China Could be the First Country to Land on the Moon’s Far Side

The far side of the moon has long been a tantalising mystery. But China, a latecomer to the lunar landing game, could soon make history as the first country to touch its surface. Read More >>

New Simulation Offers Definitive Proof the Moon Landing Was Not Fake

Over the years, we here at Gizmodo have provided you many, many examples of scientifically backed evidence to shove in the faces of lunar landing conspiracists. But this one might be the most convincing of all: Engineers used 3D modeling to prove, once and for all, that Buzz Aldrin really moonwalked. Read More >>

Moon Lander Launch Plans From a Private Company

Recent mover and shaker Moon Express wants to send a robotic spacecraft to the moon in 2015. CEO Bob Richards says that the MX-1 will use scientific instruments and sensors to study resources that are limited on Earth but "available in infinite quantities in space." Read More >>