Public Transport In Luxembourg Is Now Free And We Will Be Moving Forthwith

As if rail fares going up 3% isn't bad enough, now Luxembourg's gone and made us even grumpier with the state of UK public transport by making all its trains, trams and buses completely free. Read More >>

A Tiny, Water-Powered Spacecraft Could Be the First to Mine Asteroids

A few months back, Luxembourg—a tiny country better known for world-class pastries—announced its intention to become a leader in asteroid mining. Now, Luxembourg has revealed the first step in its plan to fill the banking vaults with space-grade platinum: a small, water-powered spacecraft. Read More >>

Amazon Paid Just £11.9m in Tax on £5.3bn of UK Sales

Amazon's once again shown that tax doesn't have to be taxing when you're a massive multinational corporation with hundreds of accountants at your disposal, with figures showing its UK division paid just £11.9m in tax on its total sales of £5.3bn from UK buyers. Read More >>

New Outrage as Amazon Pays £3.2m Tax While Taking £2.5m in Government Grants

New research into the possibly shady world of Amazon UK and its accountant friends in Luxembourg has emerged, with the company paying just £3.2m in corporation tax in the UK last year -- a figure made all the more laughable by the fact it claimed £2.5m in government grants. It's the world's biggest benefit claimant. Read More >>

Is Vodafone Using Yet Another Loophole For a Second Massive Tax Dodge?

According to the Private Eye, Vodafone’s dodging another £2 billion a year in tax with a complicated internal loan scheme. It was apparently cleared with the company’s other tax dodging plans in the controversial tax write-off by the HM Revenue and Customs 18 months ago. Read More >>

Cheaper Ebooks On the Horizon From Amazon?

What does a VAT cut to just three per cent in Luxembourg and Amazon's ebook pricing have in common? Cheaper ebooks for us Brits, that's what. Read More >>