Holy Crap, Someone Made a Real-Life Pixar Desk Lamp

Great news for anyone who's ever dreamed of their boring desk lamp coming to life as their lovable sidekick. Inspired by the animated Luxo lamp that greets moviegoers at the start of every Pixar film, Adam Ben-Dror, Shanshan Zhou, and Joss Doggett created the Pinokio lamp which moves and reacts to its environment with what appears to be genuine emotions. Read More >>

Is This Articulating Candle Holder the Grandfather of the Famous Pixar Desk Lamp?

Pixar refuses to consent to paternity tests, but it seems obvious this unique take on a decorative candelabra can claim the iconic Luxo desk lamp as one of its descendants. Read More >>

If You Love Pixar, Please Dress Up Like This Human Luxo Jr. Lamp for Halloween

I love Pixar. You love Pixar. Everyone who bleeds blood, inhales oxygen and has a soul loves Pixar. We all need to prove it and wear this Luxo Jr. Lamp for Halloween this year. It's just like the logo. This is so awesome. Read More >>