A Driver for Uber and Lyft Covertly Streamed Hundreds of Rides on Twitch Without Rider Consent

In the past few months, wannabe online video stars have filmed themselves doing a suicide bomb “prank” at university and spreading a fake rumour about a mass shooting at a Disney resort. They have also landed themselves in court for things as varied as feeding toothpaste-filled Oreos to a homeless man and shooting their significant other through a book in a stunt gone hopelessly wrong. Read More >>

Uber and Lyft Have a Hot New Idea for Screwing Over City-Dwellers

The arrival of autonomous vehicles is an inevitability, so it makes sense that before mass adoption hits, companies like Lyft and Uber would want to band together to determine what our self-driving future will look like. Sounds pretty harmless, right? Read More >>

Lyft Investigating Claim Employees Accessed Info of Mark Zuckerberg and Others

In an email to Gizmodo, Lyft confirmed that it is investigating an anonymous claim that employees used its customer database to access the personal information of romantic partners and technology executives like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Read More >>

How the Gig Economy Exposes Workers to Security Risks

Tech firms spend serious time and money trying to secure their employees and infrastructure from hackers. But gig economy companies like Uber and Lyft pay far less attention to cybersecurity for their contractors and, in some cases, encourage insecure behaviour, researchers say—potentially exposing workers to greater risk of identity theft and phishing attacks. Read More >>

Alphabet Definitively Ends Friendship With Uber, Welcomes New Best Friend Lyft

Lyft announced today that Alphabet’s investment arm CapitalG—formerly known as Google Capital—leads a $1 billion (£760 million) investment round in the ride-sharing company. Read More >>

Uber Rival Lyft Has Been Cosying up With London Transport Officials

Lyft, one of the other taxi-hailing apps that's yet to launch in London or anywhere outside of the US, has been having meetings with Transport for London officials. Presumably it's because a London launch is on the cards and not just because everyone fancied a nice day out at the zoo on expenses. Read More >>

Lyft UK Search Surge Following London Uber Ban

TfL has just ruled that Uber can no longer operate in London, stating that the company "is not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence." That's obviously grave news for Uber, but rival company Lyft may reap the benefits. Or, they would if they actually operated in the UK. Lyft is currently only available in the US. Read More >>

96 Companies Just Told Trump Where He Can Shove His Muslim Ban

Last night, 96 companies filed a legal briefing that objects to President Trump’s Muslim ban. But they’re not just doing it because it’s the right thing to do. The filing makes it clear that Trump is disrupting business. Read More >>

Soon You Won’t Need to Own a Car to Be an Uber Driver

Uber is partnering with the car-sharing service Maven (which is owned and operated by General Motors) to let Uber drivers rent GM vehicles on a weekly basis. The business will cost drivers $179 (£145) plus taxes and fees, and driver will not incur any extra fees for using the car for personal use. Read More >>

Lyft Thinks It’s ‘Exciting’ That a Driver Was Working While Giving Birth

Lyft—the ridesharing app that most people only use when Uber surge pricing is too high—does something a lot of tech companies do: it runs a blog. It’s where the company publicly celebrates its own excellence, for things like new features and anniversaries. It’s also where, earlier this month, a story appeared praising one of the company’s drivers for picking up a rider while en route to the hospital to give birth. Read More >>

Lyft Says Self-Driving Cars Will Dominate the Road in Five Years

Lately, Uber has been gobbling up all of the self-driving car attention with its launch of an experimental programme in Pittsburgh. But Lyft wants you to know that it shouldn’t be counted out. In a manifesto published yesterday on Medium, the rideshare company’s co-founder, John Zimmer, outlined his vision of the future. Read More >>

pokemon go
Entrepreneurs are Offering Uber-Style Rides for Pokémon Go Players

With all the players getting sore legs from all the Pokémon Go they're playing, some intrepid entrepreneurs have a solution. They want to be personal Pokémon Go drivers. In the US at locations including New York, Portland, and Baltimore a driver will now chauffeur players around, for around £20 per hour – and you thought the in-app purchases were pricey! Read More >>

Uber Drivers Are ‘Meat-Based Algorithms,’ Says South by Southwest Speaker 

According to my Twitter feed, a transportation expert named Reilly Brennan just explained on a panel at South by Southwest that Uber drivers are “meat-based algorithms behind the wheel.” Read More >>