Rideshare Drivers From Around the World Are Coming Together, With Help From a Familiar Benefactor

As Uber, Lyft, and lesser-known transportation companies masquerading as tech firms have gradually squeezed savings out of their contingent workforces, those same contract drivers have gotten angry and organised. The first big mass action was a global strike in May of last year, kicked off by LA’s Rideshare Drivers United (RDU). Read More >>

Need a Lyft? Too Bad, Dick Assman

And before you ask: Yes, that’s a real name. Read More >>

Uber Sets £4.3 Billion on Fire In Biggest Loss Ever

Well, well, well! If it isn’t our beleaguered rideshare giant Uber reporting yet another quarter of continued losses after its disastrous IPO earlier this year. In its earnings report released Thursday, the company said it burned through more than £4 billion – its largest losses to date. Read More >>

Slack’s Direct Listing on the New York Stock Exchange Makes Uber and Lyft Look Like Absolute Chumps

In its first day on the New York Stock Exchange, workplace messaging company Slack leapt over 50 per cent above its reference price of $26 (£20) per share despite employing an unusual, less costly strategy to debut on the market. Across a few hours of trading, Slack’s total value soared to $23.1 billion (£18.13 billion), while concurrently making what were, respectively, supposed to be the year’s blockbuster IPOs look like absolute dogpoo. Read More >>

Lyft Passenger Caught on Video Assaulting Driver Inside Moving Vehicle

Rideshare drivers don’t have it easy, but few have had to put up with the nightmare scenario Eduardo Madiedo experienced recently in the US state of New York. Read More >>

New Research Confirms That Ride-Hailing Companies Are Causing a Tonne of Traffic Congestion

A study published last week in Science Advances comparing pre- and post-rideshare boom traffic in the US city of San Francisco found that the presence of Uber, Lyft, and similar companies has been an overall detriment for people who like getting where they’re going quickly. Read More >>

Drivers in Britain to Stage Massive Strike Coinciding With Uber’s Initial Public Offering

Rideshare drivers in Britain have plans to sign off the Uber app and spend their time protesting in four major metro areas. London, Nottingham, Glasgow, and Birmingham are set to be flooded by irate drivers. The message, coordinated around Uber’s plans to go public, is a clear rebuke of the company’s Initial Public Offering plan, which will make many employees wealthy overnight, but leave drivers in the same deteriorating conditions. Read More >>

Just In Time For Its Big Initial Public Offering, Uber Loses £774 Million

Step right up, join the fun, the headline initial public offering of 2019 is about to take centre stage. Read More >>

Lyft’s IPO Banks Big on Self-Driving Cars, But Not on Its E-Scooters

Lyft finally filed for an IPO on Friday, a long-expected move for the ride-sharing company that has been racing to beat its larger competitor Uber to the public-offering punch. Read More >>

Upcoming Tech IPOs Will Mint Hundreds of Overnight Millionaires and Silicon Valley Vultures Are Licking Their Chops

The day started with an intense tropical storm consuming the US city of San Francisco, California, but by evening the clouds had parted just in time for a group of grinning and excited venture capitalists, techies, and real estate agents to gather at atop a downtown highrise that overlooks the city all the way to across the Bay to Oakland. Read More >>

Pregnant Lyft Driver Stabbed to Death by Passenger in America

Kristina Howato, a 39-year-old driver for the transportation company Lyft, was murdered by one of her passengers in the US state of Arizona on Sunday. Authorities believe Howato was stabbed to death by 20-year-old Fabian Durazo with a kitchen knife. Durazo has reportedly admitted to the crime but hasn’t given any motive. Read More >>

A Driver for Uber and Lyft Covertly Streamed Hundreds of Rides on Twitch Without Rider Consent

In the past few months, wannabe online video stars have filmed themselves doing a suicide bomb “prank” at university and spreading a fake rumour about a mass shooting at a Disney resort. They have also landed themselves in court for things as varied as feeding toothpaste-filled Oreos to a homeless man and shooting their significant other through a book in a stunt gone hopelessly wrong. Read More >>

Uber and Lyft Have a Hot New Idea for Screwing Over City-Dwellers

The arrival of autonomous vehicles is an inevitability, so it makes sense that before mass adoption hits, companies like Lyft and Uber would want to band together to determine what our self-driving future will look like. Sounds pretty harmless, right? Read More >>

Lyft Investigating Claim Employees Accessed Info of Mark Zuckerberg and Others

In an email to Gizmodo, Lyft confirmed that it is investigating an anonymous claim that employees used its customer database to access the personal information of romantic partners and technology executives like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Read More >>

How the Gig Economy Exposes Workers to Security Risks

Tech firms spend serious time and money trying to secure their employees and infrastructure from hackers. But gig economy companies like Uber and Lyft pay far less attention to cybersecurity for their contractors and, in some cases, encourage insecure behaviour, researchers say—potentially exposing workers to greater risk of identity theft and phishing attacks. Read More >>